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The most common distractions while driving


Texting ------------------------------ 51 %

Phone call ------------------------– 45%

Changing the radio/CD -------– 40.4%

Staring at an accident ---------– 39.8%

Eating or drinking ---------------– 37%

Children in the car --------------– 36%

Chatting to a passenger -------– 32.3%

Road rage -------------------------– 32%

Arguing-----------------------------– 31%

Lighting a cigarette---------------- 29%


Basic checks


Basic checks are checks you need to regularly do on your car especially before you go on a long journey you need to do these checks on your car. There will be instructions in your cars handbook.


Coolant – the engine and radiator contain coolant to prevent overheating. Coolant is a mixture of water and anti-freeze which prevents it from freezing I the winter.

Brake fluid – Breaks are hydraulic which means there’s fluid in the system. You need to make sure the brake fluid isn’t dropping and keep an eye on it and it topped up.

Lights – If your brake light fails, it takes one more bulb to blow and you won’t be seen at night. You need to regularly check these are all working.

Well oiled – You need to ensure there’s enough oil in the engine, if your oil runs out there will be a lot of problems that follow with that. Make sure you know the correct way to check and top up your oils.