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Driving in Driffield


Save your feet and drive in Driffield! With the town being close-by to great cities such as; Sheffield, Leeds, York, Hull, and Middlesbrough, and the closest beach being just 23 minutes away just off the A614, why wouldn’t you want to get on the road?



Lessons in Driffield


At Drivinglesson.com we believe a safe driver should; be able to read the road, anticipate, and concentrate. Also it’s important to stay fresh on long journeys by taking breaks if needed, drinking water and getting fresh air. Our instructors try to prepare you for all these essentials that you will need when you are out on the road yourself.


Use your mirrors to look behind you and to the sides, always knowing your surroundings prepares you for any situation.


Learn from your mistakes by going over the situation until you understand how that situation should have played out; ask yourself why did it happen? What could I have done to prevent it?


Use the two-second rule; give yourself two-second space between you and the vehicle in front so that you can react to any sudden movements or if the change direction


Manage your personal space; it helps to get to know your vehicles size and special awareness. Allow larger spaces around you which will give more time to deal with any hazards.


To book with one of our instructors you can give us a call on 08001075724 or simply click this link and fill out your details http://www.drivinglesson.com/book-driving-lessons-online.asp.



Driving with family or friends


It’s always good to get as much practice in as possible, so as well as professional practice with drivinglesson.com’s qualified driving instructors, see if you can get practice in with a family member or a friend. To do this they must have held their licence for three years or more and be over the age of 21, if they are below that they are unable to take you out on the road legally. Driving with a friend or family member gives you real life road experience without dual controls so allows you to become more aware on the roads and it’s great to get the extra driving as of course practice does make perfect!



Learner insurance


Don’t forget, you will have to be insured on the car you learn in as a provisional driver. A lot of insurance companies offer provisional insurance, we would recommend comparing prices to find the cheapest possible to make things more affordable.




Theory test


The Driffield theory testing centre is at;

Cass Hall
King Street
YO25 6QW





Practice, practice, practice!

We offer an online service which we believe fully prepares learners for their theory test, the service is only £10 which you can purchase at http://www.drivinglesson.com/driving-lesson-gift-vouchers.asp we will then give you full-access to all official multiple-choice questions, hazard perception clips and the Highway Code on ‘Theory Test Pro’.





There is no limit to how many times you take your theory test, so do not worry about failing!  It costs £23 to take the test and this test has to be passed before you can book in for your practical test. It is best to be sure you feel ready for the exam, keep doing mock tests on Theory Test Pro until you keep scoring the all-important 43 or more out of 50 that you need to pass!



Common mistakes


Very commonly people will fail for


Clicking too much on the hazard perception clips, on your hazard perception section of the test you have to click when you see a hazard, it important that you do not click too much as you may be disqualified. It’s recommended to click 3 times for each hazard you spot.




Reading the questions wrong in the multiple choice section- Don’t rush through the questions! Make sure you double-check the question and fully understand what it is asking you. Miss-reading the question can lead to you selected the incorrect answer.



On the day


REMEMBER peaceful, prepared and provisional!  

Keep your mind calm, remember only positive things can come from this test, if you pass – fantastic, if you fail – you learn from the mistakes! Nerves and excitement are the same sensation, one negative, and one positive. Turn your nerves into excitement!


Keep everything fresh in your head do some practice maybe the night before or even in the morning before the exam. We recommend writing any answers down you get wrong and studying them each time you take a test. Theory Test Pro is very good in this aspect as if you get questions wrong the more likely they are to appear in the next test.



Practical test






Overall pass rates are at about 47%, so don’t be disheartened if you fail first time. Getting to know how the test works will definitely help prepare you for next time, besides wouldn’t you rather have failed and learn from mistakes than pass and not be ready for the road?



Common mistakes


Observation – Make sure you do all your observation checks! This can catch people out a lot, remember to always be looking around you not just straight ahead, use your mirrors, it’s very important you know what is happening around you. Go through your moving off procedure as the examiner will pull you over several times during your test to assess this.


Steering – Judgement of steering is also a common mistake made, steering too early or too late can lead to further problems. Be sure your hands are in the correct position on the steering wheel for full-control of the vehicle.




On the day


Test centres



Driving Test Centre Bridlington Units 23 & 24 Enterprise Way
Bessingby Industrial Estate,
North Yorkshire
YO16 4SF



Cayton Low Road
North Yorkshire
YO11 3BY


Reservoir Road
Off Clough Rd, Kingston upon Hull
East Yorkshire