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About us - drivinglesson.com is a premier low-price driving school, we strive to get the best quality of driving as well as making it affordable for you.


Feedback - We care about our customers and appreciate any feedback that you have for us. If you’re not happy with your service, we’re not happy. Obviously, we love to hear how happy you are as well so be sure to give us your feedback when joining drivinglesson.com.


Freedom – there are no limits when it come to driving, being able to drive allows you to get places with ease.   You can go to see your friend who lives miles away, who you always say you’re going to visit. You can hop into your car for a 20-minute instead of an hour-long draining bus journey.


Getting your driver’s licence opens so many doors, from going on road trips, better job opportunities to travelling the world.


Instead of the stress of paying and booking trains, trams and coaches to your next get away. Imagine, getting in your car, your luggage is packed nicely in the boot and your favourite tunes playing along the way. Not to mention the fact you have full control of your toilet and refreshment breaks!