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Drink and drugs


Tip – don’t drink at all before driving. If you are having to calculate your units, It is probably best to not drink anything at all. Be safe rather than sorry.


Penalties – drink or drug driving brings a minimum of 12 month driving ban. You can face 6 months prison time or/and a £5000 fine. If you refuse to provide to be tested, you will be treated as if you had failed the test and are over the legal limit. If you get into an accident and kill someone due to drink driving you face up to 14 years behind bars.



Mobile phones


Texting while driving is a killer! It is illegal and very dangerous to use a handheld mobile phone with driving.


Drivers who are found guilty texting while driving face a £100 fine plus 3 penalty points. This may not seem too bad however, penalty points may also mean higher insurance.


Don’t be foolish and think of others – Just because you believe you are a good driver does not mean you are able to take your eyes off the road and check a ‘quick text’ one change/mistake on the roads could be fatal to yourself and others.