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Driving Lessons in Loughborough


A little bit about Loughborough

The thought of learning to drive may seem scary, don’t worry though as you’re in safe and capable hands!

With drivinglesson.com we want to make sure you are given the best opportunity possible, we know that driving can be tricky but our instructors here in Loughborough will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Loughborough is the second largest settlement in Leicestershire and is close to East Midlands Airport, which means if you fancy heading on holiday, no need to get a taxi, if you learn to drive you would be able to drive yourself there.

Loughborough is also famous for being home to Great Central Railway, which is England’s only remaining and functioning double track! Most certainly worth a drive down for a great day out with the family, or you could even go by yourself! It’s another one of those perks of being able to drive, you can take yourself where you want and wherever you want.

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Covering postcodes LE11 and LE12


Why should you choose drivinglesson.com and why learn to drive?

Driving is a skill which is worth having, it opens many opportunities for you, it creates less limits for you. It gives you ease of travel and it is a great convenience for you to have your licence. Driving also gives you a new look into safety, responsibility and learning to look after your money and learning how insurance would work.

drivinglesson.com is giving you that chance to learn with brilliant instructors who know their way around the roads and will help to give you the confidence to take your test, knowing that you have learnt all the skills you could possibly need to be on the road.

We have an excellent reputation and a great pass rate, with friendly instructors and all around great service, you will receive the best of care from the moment you first make any contact with us. Learning to driving with drivinglesson.com will be the greatest choice you make when you make that decision to take the big step and pick a driving school that you want to commit to.

You must think of all the positives of learning to drive, such as not having to ask your mates to take you to the drive through at 12am, you can just take yourself! -Just a note to never eat and drive!

Not only are there not restrictions on late night drive through visits, you are just able to take yourself wherever you want, whether a nice drive into the town centre with some friends shopping. You can give your mates lifts and YOU being the one charging for petrol, rather then you having to be the one owing petrol money.


We provide great offers and super low prices!

With our fantastic and low prices, it’ll make you even more sure that you want to go with drivinglesson.com, the typical prices in the Loughborough would usually range between £26-£30 but we not your typical driving school and we only charge a mere £24 per hour!!!

We also have our exclusive offer, 4 lessons for £40! To read more about our remarkable offer please see our terms and conditions.

Don’t worry though as these prices only get better as we also offer BLOCK BOOKING PRICES!


To book your first lesson >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/book-driving-lessons-online.asp

To purchase your first lesson >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/driving-lesson-gift-vouchers.asp


The tests



Before you can drive on your own and take the wheel permanently, you first need to pass a couple of test! But not to worry as we are here to help you every step of the way…

The first test you need to take is your theory test, this is to ensure you know all you need to know about the highway code, what signs mean what and so on… How can we help you with this you may ask?

Well we can give you unlimited access to Theory Test Pro, an online theory test practice site, which you can also access by your phone!

This can be purchased via our website today for just a small fee of £10 for all the information you need to pass your theory.

If you’ve already been practicing your theory and you’re ready to take the test then please follow this link

To book your theory test >>  https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test

To purchase Theory Test Pro >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/driving-lesson-gift-vouchers.asp



Whether it’s a turn in the road, roundabouts or parallel parking, our instructors are going to help you every step of the way. This is including when you go on your test as they will be there for you if you need that extra moral support, along with giving you any tips you need before you go on your test.

Your instructor will know when it’s the right time for you to be taking your test, which is what they are here for!

When you are ready you are going to know where you are going, also where you can book your test. Don’t worry we’ve got that information to make your life that little bit easier.

To book check where your nearest test centres are then please see the following link >> https://www.gov.uk/find-driving-test-centre

Currently the nearest test centre is:



Ark Business Centre
Gordon Road
LE11 1JP


To book in your test >> https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

We hope that you decide to make the right choice and to choose drivinglesson.com as the school you would like to learn to drive with!