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What do I do if I start to feel tired while driving?


  1. Make sure you get enough rest before going on a big car journey
  2. Don’t drink any alcohol, even a small amount can make you feel tired
  3. Take regular breaks – stop at a service station get a coffee, stretch your legs
  4. Caffeine helps but can take 20 minutes to kick in, be sure to give it enough time to kick in
  5. Avoid any heavy, stodgy meals or foods. Eat well but don’t eat too much
  6. If possible, get someone to share any long journeys with you to take it in turns driving
  7. Depending on the journey time, book an overnight stay to split up the travel time.
  8. Crack open a window; the fresh air should help wake you up
  9. Have someone in the car with you. Them chatting to you know and again might help
  10. If no one can come, play your fave tunes. Silence may be prompting you to feel sleepy




Penalties – if you get caught speeding, you’ll be fined £100 and given 3 points on your licence. Alternatively, you may be offered a speed awareness course instead of the point on your licence and about £10 off your fine. The more serious speeder can face up to 150% of their weekly income under the regulations that came into place in 2017.