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Do you want to pass your driving tests without the headaches? Welcome to drivinglesson.com.


You came to the right place my friend. We’re the best low price driving school available in Luton exclusively to help you pass your driving test with flying colours.


Whether you are interested in getting outstanding help with theory tests, receiving comprehensive driving lessons offered by our finest driving instructors, or just give your driving skills a quick refresh, we have got you covered at drivinglesson.com. Ready to pass your driving tests with our affordable driving lessons?


Why should you buy driving lessons from us?              


I recall the feeling when I prepared for my driving tests back then in 2013. You hear all sorts of stories on how hard it is to pass the theory test, and that it is barely impossible to pass the practical driving test, or that you may not have what it takes to become a legitimate driver. My instructor had soon managed to diminish my fears and inspired me to raise up with confidence, as on his hand, he said, I was about to mock that exam. Yes, we may have the most affordable driving lessons in Doncaster, but our value really lays in the experience, friendliness and professionalism of our driving instructors.


You can easily book and pay for your affordable lessons directly on our website. Surely, you will soon notice and welcome with applauds our fast, friendly and efficient service. Driving with our instructors, you know you are on capable and safe hands. 


Since 2008 theory test passes rate has dropped on national scale by 20%. Nowadays, we are hitting all-time low with a test promotability rate of only 49%. Learners that are using our Theory Test Pro, which is an online simulation of the DVSA’s official revision test questions, are 50% more likely to pass than the national average. Taking driving lessons in Doncaster with our great CRB Driving Instructors will really help you make it to our successful candidate’s hall of fame given our excellent pass rate. Our job is helping candidates just like you take both the theory and practical test with ease and ultimately boost confidence in your driving skills.


Local driving lessons from a local driving instructor


Learning how to drive for the first time in a areas like Luton seems very tricky indeed. Choosing one of our local driving instructors will surely help you understand the specifics of the local roads signage, streets, corners, and shortcuts.  You can start driving in familiar areas like your neighbourhood, and as soon as your skills progressively grow you’ll be able to traverse the town from one corner to the other with ease, practice situational awareness, and learn how to park with confidence in no time.

What’s the best route to down town? What’s the fastest way around during rush hours? What about the motorway? Your fabulous instructor will help you find answers to all these questions and other related to the exam specifics, and learn a lot of useful driving tips. You will not just be prepared for the exam day; our excellent driving instructors will train you for life.



What does it take to become a driver?


If you have never owed a driving licence before here are a few things you should know about driving tests. To pass the examination needed for acquiring a driving licence you must pass both the theory and the practical examination. After you have finally gained enough knowledge and you feel confident with your skills you may book your theory test. Before you can take the practical examination, you must have passed the theory test.

To be eligible to apply for a provisional driving licence, which allows you to drive only when you are assisted by a passenger holding a full driving licence, you must be at least 16 years and 9 months old. However, you can only start driving after you are 17 years old. You can book the theory test online here or by following the address displayed bellow:


Helping you relax


Driving lessons in Luton while preparing for your practical examination shouldn’t be a frustrating experience. With our top-notch instructors, we promise you’ll have the ride of your life. You’ll love taking driving lessons with us so much, that you’ll want to continue even after you have successfully passed the exam with brio. Until the first time we finally get to meet don’t forget to bring your best disposition with you, and leave frustrations aside. Don’t forget you’re in the hands of the finest driving instructors in the whole UK.