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Cost effective driving lessons in the Pontefract area:

Motorway driving


Markers - at every junction there are 3 markers counting down till the next exit. The first sign with have 3 slanted strips which means you are 300yards away, second sign will have 2 slanted strips which means you are 200yards away and finally a sign with 1 slanted strip which means you are 100yards away. Remember, these signs will go by quite fast if you are going 70mph on the motorway.


Studs - there will be coloured studs between each lane on the motorway, White studs separate each lane, Green studs mark the entrance to slip roads, Red studs separate lanes from the hard shoulder and Orange studs mark the ‘central reservation’.


Level crossings


How to safely use the level crossing:

Carefully approach the level crossing and be ready to stop at the white line.

If amber or red lights are showing/flashing, stop behind the white line and wait for the barriers to go down and the train to come by.

Only go across the tracks once the lights have gone off and the barriers have successfully raised back up

Before going over the track, check that your exit on the other side is clear. You don’t want to get stuck on the tracks.