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Driving lessons in Redcar


Redcar is a seaside resort with a population of 35,000 people, with its beach, beautiful country parks and museums it makes a perfect little place to learn to drive so you can go on adventures with much more ease.



Why would you want to take driving lessons?


Some people just don’t want to learn to drive and that’s okay, here’s a few reasons why that it’s a wonderful choice to learn to drive!


You’ll get a chance at your own little piece of freedom:


This means you can travel and it’s on your own choice where you want to go. Whether it’s a quick stop at your nearest supermarket or a little journey out to Hunt Cliff for a lovely walk or maybe even a little trip with your friends to Playland Amusements. It leaves you in control of your life as you can do whatever you want to do without having to consult with anyone else! Just imagine being the friend in the group that can drive and can take themselves and their favourite people on adventures! This could be you if you learn to drive with drivinglesson.com here in Redcar, the choice is yours but we know you’ll make the right one for you.


You will have a sense of responsibility and safety:


Learning to driving and maintaining your own car is an exciting responsibility, being able to manage your own money and cleaning and owning your car is a brilliant privilege! You’ll also be responsible for your own and other people’s safety and learn ways of being safe on the road, how to deal with any situations on the road.


Opens the doors to new opportunities:


Being able to drive is a great convenience when it comes to job opportunities, it is more convenient traveling to work in your car then to rely on public transportation, or the lack of.  Some jobs may require you to drive, for example if you’ve always wanted to be a postman, it’s much more useful and quick to be able to drive to post-boxes and addresses then to cycle or walk.

Not only could it progress a job directly in driving it could mean progression for any other jobs, for example if you’re a news reporter, or work for a large business then you might need to travel to other offices, meet with other companies and being able to drive is always a positive in these kinds of situations. On a whole learning to drive will make your life a lot easier!



With great prices comes great instructors…

All our instructors we’d say are the best of the best, they are trained to the best of their abilities and their main priority is to make sure that their pupil, has a great start all the way to a wonderful end which should be the pupil passing their test.

All our instructors are local to the area, this means they’ll know the roads, roundabouts and general areas like the back of their hand, meaning a much better experience for you!

If you’d like to book with your local Redcar Instructor today then please follow this link >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/book-driving-lessons-online.asp


Theory Test

Your theory test may sound scary but not to worry, we are able to help you with this!
For just a £10 fee you’ll get unlimited access to Theory Test Pro, you can practice multiple choice and do hazard perception tests. It is everything you need so you can pass first time! If you are interested then please see the following link

>> https://app.theorytestpro.co.uk/login

Our instructors are also here to help, any questions that you may have, your instructor is there to help you with as well as helping with the practical test! If you have any questions regarding this then please give us a call on 08000197751 and we will be there to help you as best we can.

If you’d like to purchase access to theory test pro then please see the following link >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/driving-lesson-gift-vouchers.asp


Practical Test

The practical test is the final step to getting your licence, one you’ve passed the practical you can take over the wheel!

Your instructor will ensure that you learn all that you need to know about your practical test, whether its parallel parking or a turn in the road. Your instructors may also take you on parts on the test route to help you to familiarise ready for once you’re at test standard.

If you’re interested to know where your local test centre is then don’t worry, we’ve provided that for you! The nearest test centre to Redcar is:



Maxwell Road
North Yorkshire


If you instructor also thinks that you are now ready to take your practical test then please see the following link to book in for your practical test as soon as possible.

>> https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

Prices for your driving test are as follows:

Your Practical Driving Test is £62 on a weekday

Your Practical Driving Test is £75 on a weekend

Your Extended Practical Driving Test is £124 on a weekday

Your Extended Practical Driving Test is £150 on a weekend


Good luck and we hope to speak with you very soon! 😊