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Driving lessons in Retford


Start your driving lessons today with drivinglesson.com! We cover a wide range of areas in the UK. All you need to do is call or use our website to find out if we have instructors in your area!

We cover Retford and a close by town called Ranskill. We'll soon have you on the road as a safe and competent driver without the huge costs of other driving schools. 

Retford is a market town in the East Midlands. The population is around 22,013. The town is in the valley of the River Idle and the Chesterfield Canal passes through the centre.

Our instructors will give you one to one tuition each lesson, they will hear out your concerns or any questions and they will always ensure you feel comfortable while you are learning. At drivinglesson.com our pupils come first.






Emergency stop – You’ll be given plenty of notice before they shout stop! It will never be in a real dangerous situation or around traffic. You need stop as fast and as safe as you can. Remember to move off as normal! (mirrors and signal)

Reverse around a corner

Parallel Park

Bay park

Turn in the road

New manoeuvre starting in Dec 2017 - Pull up on the right, reverse, and re-join the traffic .



Becoming a legal learner driver



  • Have suitable car insurance

  • Be at least 17 years old

  • Have a valid provisional licence

  • Put L plates on the front and back of your car (In wales - D or L plates)

  • Be supervised by someone who is at least 21 who has held their licence for at least 3 years.



  • Becoming a legal driving supervisor


  • Have a full driving licence

  • Have held your licence for at least 3 years

  • Be at least 21 years old

  • Not receive any payment for supervising the learner (unless you are a PDI or ADI)

  • Follow normal motoring laws. E.g do not use your mobile or drink alcohol as a supervisor.



The Theory test


Before taking your practical test, you will need to pass your theory test. A theory test will contain a multiple-choice exam and a hazard perception exam. You can book this online or via post. It costs £34 to apply online and £43 to apply via post. You will need a provisional licence to apply for this test, some people book it before they take lessons and some book it while taking their lessons.

Theory Tips:


Practice your theory test on the many apps and resources that are available, we recommend using www.theorytestpro.com, you can also use Theory books and DVDS. There are also mobile phone apps and other websites.


Practice whenever you get chance. Instead of going on a game on your phone to kill time try using a theory app.


Book the test, if you book your test it will motivate you to learn it in time for your test. If you are still not ready you can cancel and get your money back days before the exam.


You’ll be able to work through a practice test for minutes to get used to the system.


The real test will consist of 50 questions and gives you 57 minutes to complete them.



Mock tests


Once you have ticked off everything on your progress sheet, ask your instructor to do a mock test with you! This will help you prepare for the real thing and gives you an idea on how you are doing and if you are ready to book your test or not.



Practical tests


The practical test will take around 40/50 minutes. To get you failure with the practical exam, here is the structure of a practical driving test:

Arrival – You will need to provide your provisional licence, your theory pass certificate.

Sight test – Before the test begins, you will be asked to read a number plate nearby. You get two attempts, if you fail both you get a third ‘tape-measured’ attempt. If you fail this you will not be allowed on the road.

Show me, tell me – Once you pass your sight test, you will need to answer 2 questions from the examiner. (‘show me’ or ‘tell me’)

Drive – After all the questions, you will then go onto the driving. This will involve following various instructions, stop/starts and manoeuvres.

Independent drive – You will then go onto doing an independent drive, the instructor will then tell you to follow signs and a satnav, then will not give you further instructions until the independent drive is over. You can ask for instructions again while en route (Satnav comes into action in Dec 2017)

Conclusion – Your test will end once you get back to the test centre. Where you will be told whether you have passed or failed. Passing is based solely on your performance and the number of faults.



Test centres


When you are prepared enough to take your test with drivinglesson.com you will need to go to the closest test centre and because there isn’t a test centre in Retford itself. Here are some local test centres around Retford:

Unit 4, The Point
Coach Road, Shireoaks
S81 8BW