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We currently offer manual and automatic lessons in the Slough and surrounding areas.


Here is most of what you will need to know before getting yourself set up with one of our professional driving instructors local to Slough.


Why learn to drive?


The prime spot for jobs! Slough is an ever-developing town in a very good position for new work opportunities. Roughly 1 in 6 jobs advertised require the applicant to be able to drive a vehicle. Driving is a life skill but also a skill that could help develop you in your workplace, giving you access to any travel related opportunities.  If a driving licence isn’t a pass into your business success, I don’t know what is.



Public transport, handy but often inconvenient, ever been in a major rush and ended up running late because of a delayed bus, taxi or tram? We understand the benefits of using local transport but in certain situations it is more time-efficient for one to jump in their car and be on their way within minutes.



Slough is a very busy area with links in and out of London and other major cities. With a major motorway cutting straight through the town, what better place to have the power of travel?


Stages and cost

We have put together realistic finance expectations on how much the average person should account for when learning to drive.


Provisional licence – The first stop on the journey to getting your licence, Full UK driving licence, you need to get the green licence, a provisional licence, which gives you permission to drive on UK roads under supervision of an appropriate passenger. The licence can also be used as a means of identification. Costing £34 to apply online and £43 by post.  


Theory test – Stop number 2, the theory test is an online controlled exam quizzing the learner on their knowledge of the road, it costs £23 and must be passed before being able to book the all-important practical test. Get 43 questions right out of 50, along with a score of 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception to pass!


Lessons – There is a lot to learn when it comes to driving, from starting the car, to reading road signs, to complicated manoeuvres and road awareness. It is important that you are fully prepared before going out on the roads alone.

47 hours is the average amount of time it will take a learner to be ready for their test, from this information we have worked out how much you can save on your driving lessons with drivinglesson.com, including our great block bookings and special offers.


Practical Test – Our instructors will do their upmost to ensure you pass your practical test first time around. The test costs £62 on week-days and £75 at weekends. This, like the theory test, is booked through the DVLA online.

Overall total – with both tests and provisional the collective amount you can expect to spend is about £1,124. Saving almost £200 with our discounted rates/ block bookings.

Trust us, once you are on the road it is worth every penny!


What do I do now I have passed?

Theory Test

Join the 28% of people that pass the theory test first-time around. With these tips, along with support from your drivinglesson.com driving instructor you’ll be fully prepared for this knowledge-based exam.

Use the right learning aids –

Figure out how you learn best, whether it’s textbook learning, verbal with your driving instructor ot online. We provide full practice to prepare you for the theory test, pay £10 and get full access to all materials on Theory Test Pro, such as; mock tests, the full highway code, practice questions and practice hazard perception clips, which most find favourable.

Understand, don’t just remember –

Think about the question in your head as a real-life situation to help you understand why the correct answer is correct, rather than just remembering the facts. Applying knowledge during your driving lessons will help you to do this too, your instructor can quiz you as you drive on different road signs or discuss with you how you could’ve handled a situation better.

Hazard perception – a high percentage of people fail on the hazard perception part of the test, make sure you have cracked the technique for these clips before taking the test, remember Theory Test Pro have all necessary practice to get you set.


Practical test

The practical test is an exciting and nerve-racking experience, being fully prepared physically and mentally really takes the edge off. Make sure you are well prepared on the day;

Bring your provisional licence on the day, this is very important as without it you may get turned away.

If you wear glasses, make sure you bring them with you, before the test goes ahead you will be asked to read the number plate of a vehicle from a 20 metre distance, fail this and you fail the test.

Just treat like a lesson with your instructor, relax and show them what you can do, best of luck!

Your local test centre;

12 Waterside Drive



Do I need my provisional licence before I can drive?

Yes, a provisional licence is needed before you can drive on UK roads with an appropriate passenger.


Can I drive in this country with a foreign licence?

Most foreign licences allow a driver that is not a GB resident to drive on UK roads for 12 months, after this time the driver will have to get a provisional licence and start the process of driving in the UK.

Take this test to see what gov.uk says in regards to your foreign licence - https://www.gov.uk/driving-nongb-licence/y.


How old do you have to be to learn to drive?

17 is the legal age for a person to be able to start driving a car on the UK roads. However, some driving schools offer young driver tuition, which is done on private land (not on the roads) which is available to under 17’s. There is no restriction on maximum age. 


How many hours does it take to be test ready?

On average, it takes a person 47 hours of professional training before they are ready to take the practical test.