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How do I know the instructor is for me?


If you are asking yourself this question, maybe you should consider asking the instructor these questions


  1. How long have you be teaching people to drive?
  2. What's your pass rate amongst your students?
  3. What's your teaching method?


All of these are crucial to your unique way of learning, you need to think about how you learn best and what methods would suit you. Do you learn well under pressure? Do you like to have a set out plan? Or are you more of a learn as I go kind of learner? Would you like an instructor who is new and is fresh to the modern laws? Or someone with tons of experience?


When will my lessons be?


When you put a booking in with us, we will get the best suited instructor for you to contact you within only 3 hours of your booking. The instructor will contact you on the details that you provide to us. The instructor will then have a chat to you, go through his/her diary with you and book you in for a lesson. (nothing is set in stone until you book the lesson with the instructor, so if you just want to have a chat with the instructor first, that’s absolutely fine)