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Learning to drive in the area of Sunderland will be a great adventure; having the freedom the drive will ensure you an exciting future and plenty of wonderful journeys with your family and friends.

Take a journey to Sunderland’s National Glass Centre, or go and watch Sunderland A.F.C at Stadium of Light. With our practical driving training you will be on the road in no time, our bargain prices and our excellent quality of service will mean a life changing experience for you.


What is it that makes drivinglesson.com the right school for you?

Besides our discounted rates we offer a great service with hard working Instructors who are there to put you through your test after giving you the best service and ensure you are confident and ready to go when that Practical Test comes around.

All our instructors are flexible to do the times and dates which best suit you, the instructors will also come and pick you up and teach you in your local areas so you will learn everything to know about your area, another thing is your instructor will be there to support you with any questions or issues you may have whether in regards to the practical or the theory test.





With learning to drive comes great responsibility


When learning to drive you’re not only learning how to drive a car, you are learning how to be safe on the road. With drivinglesson.com we will make sure to teach you so that you come away knowing that not only you can drive but you can drive safely.

In 2016 there were 1,792 deaths on the roads in the UK alone, 181,384 casualties, this is why we want to ensure that all of our pupils come away happy with the fact that they will be careful on the road and protect themselves and the people around them.

The main causes for accidents in the UK are drink/drugs and driving, Losing control of the car, being careless and failure to judge where a person or other cars may be in the road.

With drivinglesson.com we will ensure to give you the proper training and advice to try and ensure that when you leave you will take all this safety into consideration once you are at the end of your training and given the green light to be on the road as a full licence holder.

If you need any additional information /help and advice then please see the THINK! Website, the link is as follows >> http://think.direct.gov.uk/


Theory Test

Here at drivinglesson.com we are able to offer you full access to Theory Test Pro at a small cost of £10.

Theory Test Pro is a brilliant way to learn and interact and can be used on both a computer or on your mobile phone.

Your instructor is also able to help you with this and is able to keep a track of a pupil’s progress, which makes it beneficial for both instructor and pupil.  

When you are ready to take the theory test then you can book this online the government website >> https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test


Here are where some of the local theory test centres are:

2nd Floor, Havelock Buildings, High Street West, 


Newcastle upon Tyne, 
1st Floor, Collingwood House, 3 Collingwood Street, 
Newcastle upon Tyne, 


Unit 6, Cleveland Business Centre, 1 Watson Street, 


If you’d like to know where your nearest test centre is then please follow this link >> https://www.gov.uk/find-theory-test-centre


Practical Driving Test

Before you know it that long awaited key to freedom will come around… the practical test!

With the support given from your instructor and all the guidance and training you will be given you will walk in there knowing that you can do this!

To find a local test centre then please follow this link >> https://www.gov.uk/find-driving-test-centre

Or if you want to book in for your test then follow this one >> https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

Here are some of the local Driving Test Centres in your area:



River Bank Road
North Hylton Road Industrial Estate
Tyne and Wear


South Shields

Bede Industrial Estate
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE32 3EG



Unit 2 Sirius House
Asama Court, Amethyst Road, Elswick
Tyne and Wear

NE4 7YLIf you need any kind of additional support then we will try to help you with this, there are your lessons and we want to make sure you have the best experience you can with drivinglesson.com, we make sure we look after both our pupils and our instructors.


Joining the team

Are you a driving instructor looking for work in the Sunderland area?

Look no further as we are here to help, get one of our franchise brochures sent out to you today to see what we have to offer you!

If you’d like to know some more information then fill out the attached form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/drivinglesson-franchise.asp

Or if you’d prefer to contact us here in the office then please call us on 08001075724


Happy and safe driving to both our pupils and instructors!