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Driving Lessons in Sutton Coldfield


Do you want to learn to drive and live in the Sutton Coldfield area? Well look no further as I can assure you that you have found the perfect school for you!

When learning to drive it can be an intense pressure, we’re here to take your worries away though and to support you the best we can by giving you a great instructor who will support you from the moment they first call you, to when you pass your practical test!

With driving lessons, you are wanting to make sure that you are getting the good service that you pay for. The best part is that we provide the great service but at a low and more affordable price, because we understand that it’s a large monetary responsibility learning to drive.




If you’d like to know more about the prices, then you can give us a call on 08001075724


Ensuring your safety!

We want to ensure that you are safe on the road and that you are taught to the best of your abilities. The reason why we want to make sure you are as safe as possible is to prevent yourself from getting into a situation that could possibly be fatal.

In 2015 there were 1,732 road deaths, which was a 2% decrease since 2013. This is a great improvement and a contributing factor is that people are being made more and more aware of road safety and the risks that may come with being unsafe on the roads.

Some of the things you need to remember are:

  • Drink driving – never take the risk of driving when under the influence of alcohol. You’re much safer having a designated driver or just taking the taxi or bus home.

  • Under the influence of drugs – whether taking medication that could make you drowsy or if you’ve taken any other kind of drugs then please make sure that you do not get behind a wheel.

  • Using mobile phones and driving – mobile phones are just as dangerous as drink driving, if you are caught drink driving then you can receive up to a £2000 fine and receive 6 points off.

  • Always wear a seatbelt! – no matter how far you’re travelling whether just to the corner shop or across the country. Wearing your seatbelt is so important, if a car crashes then not wearing a seatbelt will very likely cost yourself or someone else’s life.

  • Always keep to the speed limits! – the speed limits are vital, and they are there for a reason, this it to prevent accidents in certain areas and to keep traffic flowing. Speeding in areas where there could be people crossing could end up being fatal for either yourself, passengers, or pedestrians / other motors.

How can these things be prevented?

With drivinglesson.com our instructor knows the importance of safety and understand that is one of the most essential elements to driving, our instructors are here with their full support to ensure when that test finally comes around that you are prepared what to do once you’re handed that pass certificate.

All you need to do is keep yours and other people’s safety in mind when you get behind the wheel of a car. If you feel like you’re in a state that’s not fit to get behind the wheel, then you are best not to get behind one and should find alternative travel.

If you would like more information about road safety, then please follow the link provided below:



What is required when learning to drive?

When learning to drive you will need to have purchased your provisional licence, this is a licence that is needed so that you are able to sit and drive behind the wheel of a car while supervised with either an instructor or someone who is over the age of 21 who has held a driving licence for at least 3 years.

You can purchase your provisional licence using the government website, you can also do this through your local post office. The prices for your provisional licence is as follows:

£34 if ordered online

£43 if ordered via your local post office


Learner insurance

As well as learning with an instructor you may also want to practice in a parent or a friend’s car, if you want to do this then you will need to consider learner insurance. Please see link below for a company called Collingwood who give great deals on learner insurance.



Book in your theory test

Booking in your theory test is another step closer to being able to drive, it shows you know the knowledge to be on the road, can understand the highway code and identify the uses of the road signs.

If you’re ready to book in your theory test, then follow this link >>


If you are needing a little help with your theory test then our instructors are there to help you along the way, we also can give you access to theory test pro for just a small fee on £10! Theory test pro gives you access to all the information you will need to pass the theory test.

You can book this on our website by following this link >> http://www.drivinglesson.com/driving-lesson-gift-vouchers.asp or you can give us a call on 08001075724


Book in your practical driving test

When the time comes, and your instructor and you know that you’re ready, you’ll need to get that eagerly awaited practical test booked in! Not to worry as we’ve provided you the link here >> https://www.gov.uk/book-driving-test

Your instructor will ensure that you are prepared and on the day, you just need to be calm and things will flow and not to worry if you don’t pass on your first attempt then we can get you booked in and you can always try again. In that time, you can improve on any mistakes made or you may pass on your first attempt.


What’s the best car to get when you are a new driver?

We had to consider what are the top 10 picks of cars for new drivers this year, maybe one of these would suit you!


  1. Ford Fiesta

  2. Volkswagen Polo

  3. Hyundai i10

  4. Ford Ka

  5. Dacia Sandero

  6. Vauxhall Corsa

  7. Toyota Aygo

  8. Peugeot 108

  9. Citroen C1


Areas we cover in Sutton Coldfield:



Falcon Lodge

Four Oaks

Little Aston


Mere Green


New Oscott



Sutton Trinity


Wylde Green