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  • Reliable and trained instructors- We will soon have you on the road as a safe and capable driver

  • 24hour telephone line – any problems or questions? Call us anytime of the day

  • Cheap competitive prices

  • Gift vouchers

  • We cover a wide range of areas


Gift vouchers


If you are stuck on what to get for your loved ones for Christmas or for their birthday you could always get them started with their driving lessons. We provide professional gift vouchers that come with a red card and a red envelope. You can put your own personalised message in the gift card and you can have whatever you want in a gift voucher so it is completely up to you what you’d like to buy as a gift voucher.



Taking your Tests


Theory test -  


When you are learning to drive you will need to practice for your Theory test. Some people choose to do this before they start driving but a lot of people do it at the same time. It is completely up to you!

As long as you have your provisional licence and you are 17 years old you can learn to drive with our instructors! For some it may help seeing the signs while driving to learn about them in the theory practice


  1. Practicing for theory test. There are many ways to practice for your theory test, you can get DVD’s, phone apps, Books E.g. the Highway Code, online websites E.g. Theory Test Pro, and you can also get tips from your instructor while learning to drive.

  2. What is included – there will be 50 multiple choice questions and 14 one minute long (approx.) Hazard perception clips.

  3. Price – The Theory test costs £23 and you can book this online. There is no limit on how many times you can take your Theory test, so don’t worry if you don’t pass first time.

  4. Marking –You need to get 86% overall. so you'll need to answer 43/50 multiple choice questions correctly to pass. And for the hazard perception you will need to get 44/75 points. You pass in both sections of the theory test to pass the overall test.


Practical test –


Once you have passed your theory test, have had a sufficient amount of lessons and your instructor believes you are test ready, you can then go for your practical test!


  1. Practicing – When you and the instructor feel satisfied that you can drive at test standard, you will need to learn the show me tell me questions that the examiner will ask you on the day of the test. Within your lessons you will need to know all the manoeuvres, cockpit drill, controls, safety checks, move off & stop, mirrors, accelerator, clutch control, gear changes, steering, uphill start, downhill start, angle start, road signs, motorway

    Also you will need to learn how to work and follow a satnav

  2. What is included – Eyesight check, vehicle safety check, show me tell me questions, drive, independent drive and conclusion.

  3. Price – The price of a practical driving test is £62 and £75 on a weekend. For an extended driving test (may be applicable if you have had your licence provoked) costs £124 and £150 at the weekends.


There are two test centres that you would most likely choose from depending where you live in the Tamworth area:



Lower Sanford Street
WS13 6RB


Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield)

110 - 116 Boldmere Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 5UB


Pass plus


Pass plus is a course you can take when you have passed your test which improves your basic skills which helps give new drivers confidence and the increase experience on the roads and practice on the motorway.


Refresher lessons


Refresher lessons are for people who have passed their test and then find they need some more lessons to brush them up a bit.


After experiencing driving on your own for the first time, you may notice you need a little bit of a help with certain things.  You may need to have refresher lessons early or you may find you need some at a later stage of driving. There is no shame in wanting a couple of lessons to brush up on things you are not sure about no matter how long you have been driving for. Refresher lessons can make you a safer and more confident driver.


As you will be able to go on the motorway when you have passed, you could try going on the motorway with an instructor. For example, if it is your first time on a motorway you may not want to go on your own and need a little help with how it all works.


Maybe you have been driving for years but you become a bit rusty and with the rules for tests changing it is a good idea to get some lesson to freshen yourself up.


Areas covered in Tamworth: