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Learning to drive in Worksop


With Worksop being the largest town in the Bassetlaw district of Nottinghamshire and with it neighbouring the A57, with links to the A1M1 and A60, there is a vast area for a new driver to discover.

Instead of taking your daily train or bus route, DRIVE INSTEAD! No more limiting yourself to certain areas, get yourself out and about!


Why learn to drive?


As a young driver

Learning to drive sooner rather than later will make your life a lot easier. As you get older you tend to become more tied down with commitments, leaving you with not much time to learn to drive, but more need to! You may feel as though learning to drive is inadequate for your current lifestyle, but having your licence ready for the future, super-busy you will really help! Holding your licence is the start to a life of your own freedom.


As an older driver

At drivinglesson.com we believe you’re never too old to get behind the wheel. You may believe that it’s entirely just 17-year old’s that start learning to drive, but it isn’t! We get a lot of calls from people of wide range of ages and all our instructors are experienced in teaching every age of driver. Do not put off picking up the phone and getting them booked.


Driving and work

With a growing increase in business opportunities arising in and around the Worksop area, what better time to develop the skill of driving? Whether it’s commuting to and from work or working in a driving job its self, having a car can really benefit you! Nearly one in six job vacancies in the UK necessitates the employee to hold a driving licence, but the job does not always require driving.

Worksop places of interest

There are lots of lovely places to visit around the area with lovely naturalistic views., take a drive down to Clumber Park or why not camp out at Sherwood Forest which is just a short drive away.

Popular for its plays and pantomimes, visit the Acorn Theatre, along with the many others in the area!


Our instructors

We have boundless faith in all of our driving instructors on our team. We work very hard to assure that quality service is provided and at a competitive rate. Our instructors want you to learn, want you to succeed and will help you in every way they possibly can to adhere to your personal needs.


A polite, professional approach is what we aim for, we find it important to make lessons fun to ease any nerves and keep a relaxed stress-free environment for all of our learners.


Theory test

The theory test will be the first test that you take, its costs £23 which you pay to the DVSA. This test is a computer-based exam including 50 multiple choice questions as well as hazard perception clips.


All questions are designed to test your knowledge on rules of roads and motorways, traffic signs, road safety, the correct attitude and how to handle any witnessed or experienced road accidents. You have to score 43/50 of the multiple-choice questions correctly in order to pass.


The hazard perception is solely focused on hazard awareness, you are shown a few clips as though you were driving down a road and 1 or 2 hazards will arise during the drive. You must click as soon as you notice the hazard.


We offer online theory practice for just £10, with official questions, mock tests and access to highway code.


Practical driving test

When that all important time comes around to take your final test it is important to stay calm. Remember, your instructor wouldn’t be taking you on this test if they did not feel you are ready.


Here’s an insight to what happens when you’re on your test. So, on the day your instructor will pick you up about an hour before your test and you will drive to the test centre, when you get there you will have to wait in the waiting room until your name is called out. Make sure you have your provisional licence as they will ask to check that first. Also, any glasses or contact lenses will need to come with you as you will be asked to read a number plate from one of the vehicles in the car park.


At the start of your test, before you set off, you will be asked a ‘tell me’ question, a safety question regarding the vehicle that you must explain by telling. A ‘show me’ question is the asked while you are driving, which you must explain by showing. During the drive, as the examiner will explain, you will drive straight on unless the examiner or signs tell you otherwise. Your test will include a 20-minute independent drive, 10 minutes where you will be asked to follow signs and 10 minutes where you follow directions from a SatNav. One manoeuvre will be carried out during the test, this could be at any point during your test, they can include an emergency stop as well as your manoeuvre. Your test will last a total of approximately 40 minutes.


Remember, the examiner is there to assess whether you have the basic ability to drive, you really start learning once you have passed. The examiner isn’t out to get you and feel free to ask them again if you feel you have misheard their instruction.



Mock tests

Ask your drivinglesson.com instructor to do a practise test with once you have covered everything on your progress sheet. This helps you ready yourself for the real thing and gives you an idea of what needs to be improved and a feel of how close you are until you can get out there on your own!


Test centres


Worksop Test centre

Unit 4 The Point
Coach Road
S81 8BW


Routes from Worksop Driving Test Centre are made up of high speed ‘A’ roads such as the A57, rural country road , and busy urban roads. Worksop test centre holds a 56% pass rate.


Sheffield (Handsworth)

Orgreave Way
South Yorkshire
S13 9LT


Sheffield test centre holds a 46.2% pass rate.



Areas we cover in Worksop



Carlton - In - Lindrick




South Worksop

Thorpe Salvin