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Pay on the Day prices

Prices for paying on the day are £1 extra per hour.


Total Lesson Length
Pay In Advance Price
First 2 hour lesson for £30
2 hours
Standard Lesson x1 hour
1 hour
Standard Lesson x1.5 hours
1 & half hours
Standard Lesson x2 hours
2 hours
Block Booking x10 hours
10 hours
Block Booking x15 hours
15 hours
Block Booking x20 hours
20 hours
Block Booking x25 hours
25 hours
Block Booking x30 hours
30 hours
Block Booking x35 hours
35 hours
Block Booking x40 hours
40 hours
Motorway Lesson
1 hour
Refresher Lesson
1 hour
Full access to Theory Test Pro
Theory Test Pro is an online learning software for driving theory. It helps you learn everything you need to pass your theory test.

Pay In Advance price. There is a £1 surcharge per hour for pay on the day.


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Purchase the lesson package you want for your friends or family and we'll send them direct to them or to you.


driving lesson gift vouchers certificates

Stuck for a present idea for someone?


Looking to give someone a present that could make a huge difference to their lives?


Want to help someone out that wants to learn to drive?


Driving Lessons are a perfect present - so why not give someone a drivinglesson.com gift voucher as a present. They'll love the idea of being able to drive and just think of the difference to their lives you'll be making.


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You can purchase your DrivingLesson.com gift vouchers online using our secure payment system. Just choose which you would like and press the buy now button. You don't have to buy gift vouchers for someone else - you can also use them to pay for your own lessons.



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