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Driving Lessons in Leicester

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Safety First We will equip you with the tools you need to become a safe driver.

Finding the right driving instructor to guide you to test success is important. If you live in Leicester and are contemplating driving lessons, read our quick guide below and see how we fit your needs. Discover too how our expert instructors can get you from novice to test ready driver in no time at all.


Why Learn to Drive in Leicester

You may be a little nervous getting into a car and taking control for the first time. You might even wonder if taking driving lessons is worth it. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience learning to drive and are wondering where to find a great teacher. These are questions new drivers often ask themselves and they’re quite normal.
Learning to drive is probably going to be one of the most important things you do in your life. Not only does it give you the freedom to pick up and go whenever you want, many job opportunities nowadays require you to have a driving licence.
Do you really want to spend the rest of your working life waiting for buses or trains? Ask any of the thousands of people we’ve helped to drive in Leicester and you won’t be surprised that many of them think it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.
Okay, driving lessons are going to cost you money. In the long term, however, it will save you a good deal on travel expenses and, quite frankly, time. Most people love the freedom a car gives them and once those initial nerves are conquered, many can’t imagine a reason why they wouldn’t want to be able to drive.
Leicester has some pretty busy roads and city traffic but it’s also a great place to develop all the basic driving skills you need.



leicester great value driving lessons

AffordableWe pride ourselves on being able to offer great value lessons.

The Benefits of a Driving Instructor

There are a couple of ways you can learn to drive in Leicester. If you have a very understanding and easy going relative or friend, you can get them to teach you in their own car. This is surprisingly difficult to do, especially if you’ve never sat in the driver’s seat before. The other option, of course, is to hire a driving instructor. The good news here is that there are plenty willing to give you driving lessons in Leicester right now.

  • Your Leicester driving instructor will have a specially designed car which means he or she can keep control if you make a mistake.
  • They are trained to teach you to drive. Most family members aren’t, however good they are at driving themselves. If you want to get to your driving test in right frame of mind, you need a professional to teach you.
  • A driving instructor in Leicester will ensure you don’t develop bad habits that could mean you fail your test.
  • You don’t have to wait for your driving instructor – you book a lesson when it suits you best. That’s not always the case with friends and family.
  • You and your amateur instructor will have to pay petrol and insurance costs if you are being taken out on the road. With a drivinglesson.com driving instructor that’s all included.



Choose a Large School for your Driving Lessons

The next question you need to ask yourself is who you are going to choose to teach you to drive. A large driving school like ours has numerous benefits. Firstly, because we have many driving instructors in Leicester, you get a much broader choice. That means you can choose someone more fitted to your personality.
Secondly, we have both female and male driving instructors and they’re all properly vetted, monitored and CRB checked.
Thirdly, all of our driving instructors have the right temperament, so even if you make a mistake you can be sure of a calm and encouraging response.
And finally, because we are a large driving school, we’re able to keep the costs down in comparison to some smaller operators. That means you get more lessons for your hard-earned cash. 



Leicester great value driving lessons for young drivers

Young DriversWe help young drivers become safe drivers.

The Cars Our Leicester Driving Instructors Use

Having a large pool of driving instructors in Leicester is one thing, and something we’re proud of. But you’ll also want to drive in a decent car. All our vehicles have dual controls and are well maintained and, just as important, clean. You’ll be able to learn in comfort and be sure that your safety and security is at the forefront of your instructor’s mind.



The Cost of Driving Lessons in Leicester

We’re always trying to keep the cost of learning to drive in Leicester as low as possible. That gives you the opportunity to learn more for less.

  • A normal one hour lesson will cost you £23 if you pre-pay
  • If you want an hour and a half, it’s £34.50 and two hours is £46.
  • Ordering more lessons at one time, can save you money. If you buy 6 (three when you start, and three just prior to your test) you get them for £59. Which is less than £10 per hour!

There are various options for block booking that can save you a good deal of money while you learn to drive. Our aim is to give you as many flexible pricing options for driving lessons in Leicester as we can.

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You can also get friends and families to buy you driving gift vouchers if you’ve got a birthday or other celebration coming up. That saves you even more money.



Pass Your Theory and Practical Driving Tests


Of course, the purpose of all those driving lessons is to get you to pass your theory and practical tests so that you can head out on your own as a qualified motorist. Our instructors are all experts in making sure that you are fully prepared for these dates and that you have the best chance of passing.
They’ll take you through all the common driving skills such as reversing around a corner, parking and the emergency stop as well as everyday driving. You’ll repeat these until you are confident and expert in each manoeuvre, so when you come to take the test everything should be a breeze.
If you want to learn to drive in Leicester, choosing the right instructor is vital. It can save you time and money and get you test ready quicker than any other method. We guarantee one thing for sure – the day you pass your test will be one of the most fulfilling and exciting moments in your life.