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Driving Lessons in Nottingham

learning to drive toolbox

The Learning ToolboxWe will equip you with the tools you need to become a safe driver

As a driving school we offer fantastic lessons at an affordable, competitive price. We believe in customer satisfaction and aim to provide everything that you need to become a confident and respected driver. We think of it as a tool box that we give you. Our instructors will supply you with all of the tools you need to be safe on the road and it is up to you to use them when necessary.



Our driving Instructors

With all things there are certain aspects that come easier to some than others. Whether it's learning to ride a bike or baking a cake. Our instructors recognise this and ensure that you, the pupil, are nurtured and expertly guided towards your goal of driving on the roads of Nottingham. All of our instructors are hand-picked to ensure that they teach to the highest standard.


Our driving instructors pride themselves on their ability to be professional and helpful on every lesson, no exceptions. With all of our instructors being CRB approved for peace of mind, you know that you are in safe, reliable hands. We source both female and male instructors from around the country to provide variety and choice for you. Our instructors specialise in pupil satisfaction and will tailor the lesson to your specific needs and requirements.


Driving around Nottingham City Centre for the first time can be a nerving experience. But don’t worry, your instructor can be relied upon to support you and provide advice about the situation, boosting your



confidence and allowing you to become a better driver. Who doesn’t want the freedom to be able to drive down to Wollaton park on warm summers day? Well, you can have that freedom with the help and encouragement of our esteemed instructors.

nottingham great value driving lessons

AffordableWe pride ourselves on being able to offer great value lessons.

Want to save even more money?

We also provide Block Booking discounts. The more lessons you purchase; the more money you save!

10 Lessons £219
15 lessons £319
20 lessons £399
25 lessons £479
30 lessons £539



nottingham motorway driving lessons

Motorway LessonsAfter you have passed your test, give serious thought to a few motorway lessons.

Motorway and Refresher Lessons

Due to the current highways laws, instructors in England are unable to take a pupil who doesn’t hold a full licence onto the motorway to learn. Due to this, pupils pass their test with no experience of driving on a motorway. However, we do offer motorway lessons for those who have passed their test. For example, if you live in Long Eaton and must travel to Mansfield every day for work you would surely want to be confident about your motorway journey there. As a driving school, we believe that motorway lessons are crucial to a better understanding of the road and will drastically improve your confidence on a motorway. With increased confidence comes a safe driver.

nottingham refresher driving courses

Refresher CoursesRefresher lessons can bring you up to date with latest driving standards and techniques.

We all accept that extra tuition in education or work is of course beneficial. So why not take the same approach to driving? The refresher lessons we provide offer that extra boost of driving knowledge that an older driver perhaps might need. There were 10,974 accidents involving drivers over 70 in 2011. Many of which were caused by the lack of knowledge people had about the road and their inability to quickly detect and avoid danger. Refresher lessons will definitely help reduce this number. Only recently there was a head on collision on the A52 between Bramcote and The University of Nottingham. A man had to be airlifted to hospital and a mother and baby were also taken to hospital and treated for their injuries. Even if we can’t prevent all of these terrible incidents we can definitely prevent some.

The Driving Lesson


Lessons can be taken as 1, 1 and a half or 2-hour sessions depending on your preference. Although 1 and 1 and half hour sessions are available, there are certain benefits in a longer 2-hour lesson.

  • You will have a larger amount of time to consolidate what you have learnt in the lesson, leading to you leaving the lesson feeling that you have definitely benefited from it.
  • The instructor will not have to stop and start, therefore, you will cover much more in a shorter amount of time.
    With a longer lesson your instructor will be able to take you further onto different types of roads meaning you will get a better understanding of different roads and gain more experience.
  • If you struggle to grasp an aspect of the lesson you will have more time to go over what you found difficult. Unlike in a shorter lesson, you would have to wait maybe a week before you could have that conversation. By then you would have most likely forgotten.

Our instructors provide flexible lesson timings that are suited to you. When you have your lesson it will be 1 to 1 tuition so you will have the instructor’s full attention at all times.

The Driving Tests

Before you can take your practical test you will need to take your theory test. Depending on where you live there are two options of test centres in Nottinghamshire.

Archer House
Castle Gate

32 – 34 Rosemary Street
NG18 1QL

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Once you and your instructor believe you are ready it will be time to take your practical test. There are currently four practical test centres that you can use in Nottingham:


  • Beeston
  • Watnall
  • Colwick
  • Clifton



To conclude

Being able to drive unlocks so many doors for you. You gain much more freedom by being able to go wherever you want whenever you want. Not being able to drive may hold you back. Maybe your dream job is just simply too far away to catch a bus. There’s no need to rely on Mum and Dad to taxi you around anymore when you can drive yourself. The benefits of passing your driving test are endless. Learning to drive with drivinglesson.com is a no brainer! Come and join the many happy drivers on the road that learnt to drive with drivinglesson.com.