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Green Driving Lessons

Better for the environment, better for you

At drivinglesson.com we are constantly striving to develop and discover new ways of improving our school. Recently we have been concentrating on making our driving school more environmentally friendly, thus playing our part in stopping the worldwide issue of global warming. We have teamed up with our instructors and successfully managed to get our first full electric car on the road.

Global warming is such a major issue that you most likely already know quite a lot about the subject. Global warming is, in simple terms, the gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere. This is mostly attributed to the greenhouse effect which is caused by the rising levels of carbon dioxide. A large factor of global warming is gasoline or diesel burning cars. The average car will produce from only one gallon of oil 20 pounds of carbon dioxide. That averages out at a staggering amount of 6 tons of carbon dioxide produced by one car in one year.

However, there is a simple way to help solve this not so simple issue. The answer lies in electric cars. That’s why at drivinglessson.com we decided to take on the electric car challenge. We are one of the first driving schools in the whole of England that has taken on this venture and now have a fully electric car in the fleet. We strongly believe in this eco-friendly approach to teaching driving and hope other schools follow in our footsteps. 

Full Electric cars and other electric vehicles are powered by electricity, which is cleaner, cheaper and greener. They produce zero Co2 and zero emissions. For us as a rapidly growing driving school with a large fleet of cars we thought it was time to go against the mainstream trend of old diesel and petrol powered cars and be a pioneer in the electric car revolution. 

When you book your green driving lessons, be sure to request our electric automatic car.