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I received a 5 star service from drivingLesson.com. I am Specially thankful to my Instructor Mr Tahir Aslam. I passed my driving test on the first attempt. Thanks (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Zubair Ahmed


I was really happy to pass my driving test first time. A huge thank you to Andy Price who is a fantastic instructor. Every lesson with him was great fun and a laugh. He's an extremely good teacher as he really simplified driving with some so many useful teaching points. Thanks again Andy (Instructor Andrew Price)

Zak Curran


Today I have just passed my test on my first try and I'd like to say thank you to the company and especially to my instructor Liam Page. He's is an extremely nice man. Will always make you feel comfortable and safe and will be the one that gets you passed. I recommend both the school and my instructor and will continue to do so. Thank you very much for everything! (Instructor Liam Page)

Wesley Baeta


My driving instructor, Shibu, helped me a lot to pass the practical exam. He gave me the right instructions and comments, which improved my driving skills and made me ready for the test. He was so kind and nice while giving the instructions. I really appreciate his effort and kindness. (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Wesam Farrash


Thanks very much for helping me to drive in the UK. Thanks to Amaar Ahmed for correcting me during my lessons. I really recommend drivinglesson.com for anyone to get through and safely drive. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Vishwanathaiah Hirmath


Couldn't have wished for a better service or instructor, TAHIR, he is a real credit to your driving school, I would recommend your school to anybody wanting to drive, thank you so much (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Vince Kinney


I loved my instructor amar. He kept me stressed free during all lessons. He made sure I checked everything properly. He has great conversations. He treated me more as a friend as oppose to a student. If you are in derby definitely look up amar. Best instructor yet. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Umar Iqbal


I passed my driving test a couple of days ago and I have to say that my driving instructor Adiel was amazing! There were many times that Iíd get things wrong and be annoyed at myself, but Adiel would explain with great reasoning and some great analogyís relating to my own life! Great personalised service and at a brilliant price! Thank you so much ?? (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Tom Brown


I was very pleased with the service l received which was very professional and worth while. A major thank you to Susan my instructor who helped me throughout the whole process. she was very helpful and friendly and a pleasant tutor. I would highly recommend her! (Instructor Susan Tibbitts)

Tina Mkopa


Thanks to my amazing instructor, Adrian, I was able to pass my practical test with ease. His teaching techniques are second to none and come with a sense of humour too, Thankyou Adrian. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Thomas Walker-Smith


Thank you to drivinglesson.com for helping me find Libby John. I honestly thought driving was not for me after failing so many times but it was truly down to the teaching and constant reassurance that I could do it from Libby that helped me passed. Libby is an amazing person and I truly recommend anyone to have Libby teach them she will help you make it to the finish line. (Instructor Libby John)

Thalea Rhodd-Smith


My driving experience was excellent and majority of that was because of the instructor that I had Prabhat Chauhan who had patience with me. He instantly saw that I was a cautious driver on the road and he gave me tips on how to improve my speed but also when I wasn't going the speed limit he would encourage me to do the speed and little by little I got there. After taking his advice, it got to the point where he was telling to slow down because I was going over the speed limit. Prabhat is a very gentle and precise man and I'm not just saying that because he helped me pass my test but also he helped me with life issues as well. (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)



Brilliant instructor, I passed today first time and wouldn't have done it without the help of my instructor, will recommend driving lesson.com to all my friends. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Tara Simpson


Great company,I had the priviledge of taking lessons from Tahir. He is great confidence builder and supported me all through my lows even when I almost gave up driving he said push on. I will recommend this company to anyone who wants a valuable lesson. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Ese Joseph Edafe


Would like to say a huge thank to my driving instructor shibu, very patient, clear instructions very friendly guy, I would recommend shibu to friends and family wanting to learn to drive, once again a huge thank you shibu. (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Stephen Watson


All thanks to my instructor Adrian, highly recommend, thankyou so much. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Sophie Beeston


Carol, my driving instructor, was an incredibly kind, patient and informative instructor who encouraged me throughout my driving experience to become a more confident driver. I had had a few lessons before being taught by her and she was able to iron out the habits I'd picked up before learning with her to improve my driving, and gave different perspectives on driving manoeuvres that ultimately improved my performance, understanding and driving ability. The lessons were easy going, easy to organise through text message, and we were able to adjust each lesson to focus on specific points to improve on. She put me at ease in every session; she is lovely to talk to, listens well and answers any questions in detail as well as offers support and encouragement in preparation for the test. I am very pleased with my experience learning with her and wish her the best with future pupils. No doubt they will enjoy learning with her as much as I have. :) (Instructor Carol Blyth)

Sophie Tomlins


I passed my test with no minors, Narinder Hundal was a fantastic instructor who made me calm and taught me in a way that suited me, cannot praise him enough. (Instructor Narinder Hundal)

Simon Cassidy


Quick and easy to book lessons. The instructor was friendly, calm yet firm and very thorough. I'm glad I chose this driving school and more so the instructor. (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)

Shermeena Kurji


So happy I passed my test would not have done it without all the help from my instructor Kevin Hopps at drivinglesson.com! I felt relaxed and calm within the first ten minutes of being in Kev's car, very good and clear instructions and advice. He picked up on all of my faults in my very first lesson, feel like Kev takes driving instructing more than a job as it was just as overwhelming for him as it was for me today when I passed. I literally could not have asked any more from him brilliant bloke in general and amazing instructor. Thank you so much Kevin all the best. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Sean Hawley


Narinder was great from day one. Put me at ease and gave me confidence. Passed first time. Thank you Narinder. (Instructor Narinder Hundal)

Scott Graham


Mark is a fantastic instructor very patient and gave me the confidence to pass, thank you :-) (Instructor Mark Percival)

Sarah Priest


I want to say a huge thank you to my instructor Shibu for helping me pass my theory and practical tests first time. I would highly recommend Shibu to anyone learning to drive! ‚ėļÔłŹ (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Sam Weddell


My instructor (Mark Percival) was good and very patient. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants to take driving lessons. (Instructor Mark Percival)

Sam Mncube


A big thank you to Adrian who helped me pass first time today, great instructor and very understanding!

Samuel Burton


My instructor was great, very informative, lets you do all the driving however will step in to remind you every now and then if your forgetting to check things like mirrors or blind spots. Great at teaching the manouvers, gives you really good reference points to work with and in the run up to the test very helpful amd relaxing whilst also managing to point out factors to focus on that you might not be doing in the general drive. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Sam Betteridge


I would like to deeply thank my instructor Andrew Price, he is so nice and professional. He is very patient with me, pointed out and correct my driving mistakes. I am so happy that I passed first time and I will highly recommend Drivinglesson.com and Andy for such a good instruction and competitive price. (Instructor Andrew Price)

Rui Mo


I had previous bad experiences with other driving schools but ended up with Tahir Aslam in Nottingham. I can honestly say he's the best by far. I actually enjoyed my driving lessons and now I've passed I can't be happier. He's got a great way to make you feel chilled out while still keeping the focus on the driving. I've made a friend out of it and I'd highly recommend him to anyone doing lessons. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Reece Gothin


I have passed my driving test today and am so grateful and thankful that I have been lucky enough to have the best possible instructor. I began lessons with Kevin Hopps after previously having lessons with 2 other instructors, and the difference which Kev made to my confidence and driving abilities was incomparable. Kev is so down to earth and put me at ease from the offset. He is patient, knowledgeable and just all around fantastic at what he does. I cannot speak more highly of Kev as both an instructor and a person. I would recommend him to anyone as I simply could not have developed as a driver or passed without him! Thank you Kev - I will certainly be coming to you again in the future for some motorway lessons!

Rebecca Hatton


Thank you Pete Williams for all your help and putting up with me stressing all the time. Thanks to you I managed to pass first time with only 4 minors! I would definitely recommend drivinglesson.com. Thanks again :) (Instructor Pete Williams)

Rachel Olley


My driving instructor Adiel really helped me become a safer driver. In this way the lessons were really valuable beyond the question of passing the test. I thank Adiel for his supportive and constructive manner of teaching. (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Pawas Bisht


Kevin Hopps has been an amazing driving instructor. He's not pushy and made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. His teaching methods fit me perfectly. He took me through a lot of different traffic and road conditions to teach me how to deal with them after I passed my test. This was extremely helpful. (instructor Kevin Hopps)

Paulina Ekman


Wow, what can I say about Kevin Hoops, what an incredible instructor. My previous instructor let me down because I broke my wrist and couldnít have lessons for a long time but then I got Kevin, He is a great teacher and an all round very nice guy. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You are only what can be described as a super star. You had so much faith in me and today I passed my test and it was all down to you,thank you again. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Paul Dunstan


I have finally passed my test thanks to the fantastic teaching abilities of mark! Without his patience and encouragement and faith in me I couldn't have done it! Thankyou so much and I am looking forward to doing pass plus x (Instructor Mark Percival)

Patricia Henshaw


Excellent experience learning to drive with Amaar. Bargain price, brilliant car and a great instructor all wrapped up with me passing first time after just 10 weeks! I highly recommend drivinglesson.com to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I pick my car up in 2 days time, thanks to these guys! (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Chris Wildman


My driving instructor was Amaar Ahmed. I recently passed my test first time! He taught me well, So thankyou. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Amy Lowndes


The instructor gave very good clear lessons and training to a higher standard than the driving test so that I could pass first time. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Anthony Grindlay


I had an amazing time while learning to drive. Adrian made me feel welcome in his car and he is very friendly and was really Kind i would greatly recommend him to anyone and will recommend to my friends and family when they do there lessons.

Jasmine Vann


My instructor was Pete and he is really good and very supportive. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Olu Sobowale


I want to say Thank you to my instructor Bruce who has helped me pass my Driving Test first time. He directed me, prepared me and helped me to obtain and secure necessary skills needed to be a safe Driver. Thank You. (Instructor Bruce Harrison)

Nelsson Poku


I completed a 9 day 40 hour crash course with Amaar Ahmed and found that he helped me lose my nerves and gain confidence quickly through out the course. I gained references which I am able to apply to my driving and practice across a range of driving scenarios. Everyday we reviewed the progress and discussed next steps so I was always aware of how I was progressing and what to concentrate on the next day. He was always patient and never showed any frustration towards learning skills, instead, he was understanding of personal feelings and tried to help with these to aid the learning process. I was able to pass first time after not being in a driving lesson scenario for around 5 years. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Nathalie Allen


I have just passed my driving test and I could not be happier but will be very sad to let go of my instructor because he has been the absolute best, making sure that I get everything perfect. I couldnít have asked for a better company to go with and a better instructor to drive with. We have had many ups and downs in the car from funny moments to upsetting moments from when I failed the first time due to nerves, but he encouraged me to get back up and keep fighting, he believed in me which made me believe in myself and help me excel in my driving. I have not just been taught to drive by my instructor but also been given life lessons which I will not forget. Even after passing my test, I will remember his words and stay a safe driver. Thank you so much Michael Haughton! (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Mohammad Khan


Passed my test today which I couldn't have done without my instructor Nadeem . He's been very patient and thorough with my learning; and the advice he's given me about driving I will carry with me everywhere! Can't recommend him enough! (Instructor Nadeem Iqbal)

Molly Round


It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with drivinglesson.com who have assigned me with not only a great instructer, but also a great person! (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Miroslav Vasko


Just wanted to say I couldnt have passed without Adrian, he was patient with me and kept going despite my nerves. A great instructor! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Mercy Mcdonald


My driving instructor Amaar was brilliant. He was so understanding, patient and always gave positive feedback which I was glad about. He made me look forward to every lesson I had because they were so enjoyable. He was so relaxed and would talk casually with me during the lesson instead of being strict and telling me what to do which put me at ease. I'd definitely recommend my instructor. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Megan Phoebe Shaw


My driving instructor was Prab Chauhan, was an amazing instructor who made me feel confident and comfortable driving. The lessons were also easy to book. (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)

Maya King


VERY GOOD Very good. Friendly instructor. Passed first time. Highly recommend (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Matthew Swindon


My instructor Tahir was very polite, punctual, and very competent. He's helped me to achieve a first time pass with only one lesson before my test day, and an hour before my test. I will surely recommend Tahir and drivinglesson.com to all of my friends. Thanks again for a good customer service and experience. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Marvin Brown


Excellent experience from driving lesson.com. They managed to fit me in when no one else could and my instructor (Michael Houghton) was very professional, patient, and a genuinely nice bloke. Can't recommend him strongly enough. (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Mark Pearce


Thanks to my instructor Shibu for his patience and encouragement which made me go through lessons to gain my driver's licence, I still hear his voice when I am driving and I always smile. Thank you (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Marjorie Chikwira


I've bean with a hand full of driving instructors and I thought they where ok until I started my lessons with drivinglesson.com. My instructor took his time to focus on not just driving but also working on my weaknesses. I had 6 lessons and now I've passed I owe it all to these, thanks a lot. (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Luke Kirk-Mathews


My instructor was Pete Williams couldn't ask for a better instructor. Would recommend to anyone. Didn't give me any pressure. Always helpful when I didn't get something first time too. Now I've passed I feel great and it's gave me the independence we need in our family. Thank you Pete Williams! (Instructor Pete Williams)

Lisa Dial


I was very happy to be taught by my instructor Nadeem Iqbal. Feel confident about driving now. Thank you. (Instructor Nadeem Iqbal)

Lee Kwang Jin


Incredible instructor (Adiel) would deffo recommend. He is passionate about getting you passed and has a genuine care. (Instructor Adiel Khan)



My driving instructor Liam Page was an overall amazing teacher. He went along with his lessons at the correct pace so I was able to develop my skills without being overwhelmed. He is a very patient person in nature and it certainly came across in every lesson which was very much appreciated. I would like to give a massive thank you to Liam as I couldn't have passed without him. (Instructor Liam Page)

Lauren Howe


I definitely wouldn't have passed without Adrian who has been very helpful and patient all the way through! Great driving instructor! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Laura Marchmont


Rachel Garlick is polite and friendly. Easy to get on with. Very helpful. Company cheap and professional. Happy with service. (Instructor Rachel Garlick)

Kim Cross


Ammar is a fantastic instructor made me feel at ease with every lesson. Picked up faults that my other instructor didnít see and gave me so much more confidence. I have already recommended him to a few of my friends. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Kimberly Gomez


I have had all my lessons with Kevin Hopps and it was money well spent. Fantastic guidance and support throughout my learning. There is no cutting corners the teaching was practical and made me very confident for my test. Kevin was a fantastic instructor who I would recommend to anyone looking to pass. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Kieran Prendergast


My instructor Mr Nadeem Iqbal was so helpful and very patient. He gave me the confidence that I needed because I have never driven in my life! I recommend eveybody take lessons with Mr Nadeem, he is so calm and doing his job in a professional manner. I was so pleased, thank you agian Mr Nadeem. (Instructor Nadeem Iqbal)

Khaled Ameer


Today I passed my test first time. I could not have done this without the help and support of Liam. He made me feel confident in my driving and he was great at explaining things to me. Liam was very patient and helped me to achieve my pass. Which will make such a difference to my life. I couldn't have done it without him. (Instructor Liam Page)

Kerri Lowe


Excellent instructor very good all round first time pass. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Karl Bosworth


I passed my test with the help of my driving instructor Adrian and just to let you know he was a real support and encouraged me all the way couldn't have done it without him. Thanks.

Karen Chamberlain


Passed my driving test first time today thanks to Micheal at drivinglesson.com. I would definitely recommend him to anyone as he's a top instructor and has helped me become a good driver. (Instructor Michael Shepherd)

Josh Smith


Kevin was brilliant and helped me to pass first time. He was very patient and able to adapt his teaching style to suit my style of learning. Even when you just start your lessons, it feels like you're learning from your mate, as he's very friendly and makes you feel comfortable with everything.

Joseph Foxon


Passed my driving test with Adrian Heathcote on my second attempt, he was brilliant and I couldn't of done it without him. Would recommend him 10/10! Best instructor in Leicester. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

John Cox


Instructor Amaar was really helpful and incredibly professional throughout my lessons and alllowed my progression from beginner driver to being able to pass. He managed to make the experience very enjoyable. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Jonathan Storer


Great experience with drivinglesson.com instructor called Ahmed, very positive man helped me on my driving techniques it was a pleasure being with this company. God bless (Instructor Ahmed Loonat)

Jonathan Mavangu


Absolutely quality driving instructor (Libby). Was very helpful in helping me pass and always helped when I didn't quite get something or wasn't confident! Would defo recommend her to anyone! (Instructor Libby John)

Joe Mcglynn


I have passed at the first attempt!!! Thanks to my driving instructor Dean, who always was very supportive and his car was in a great shape. (Instructor Dean Pidgeon)

Jesus Medellin


I had decided in my mid 20's that driving probably wasn't for me having had lots of lessons and various instructors. In my early 30's I gave it another go. Andy made the experience enjoyable and relaxed. He was patient and always gave explanations and feedback on what needed to be done. I passed 1st time after a few short months with only 1 minor. I can't thank Andy enough for getting me through my test and genuinely believe I wouldn't have passed with any other instructor. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. (Instructor Andy Gordon)

Jennifer Weatherston


Got to say I will never forget this experience. My instructer Amaar Ahmed was first class at everything he showed me. He is understanding and always there to help. So happy with the service thank you. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Thomas Jay Vernon


Throughout my time learning to drive Adiel had consistently delivered an excellent approach to driving instruction by being patient, fully supportive, genuine and willing to adapt to my individual pace of learning. It is these aspects that ultimately led me to pass my driving test first time - a feat that wouldn't have been possible without Adiel! I therefore would not hesitate to recommend him to any prospective future drivers! (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Jason Monks


I came to drivinglesson.com with 30 hours previous experience, but I was very rusty as my last driving lesson was in 2016. I was quite nervous about getting back on the roads, however my instructor Usman (Mr Usman Araf) always made me feel at ease, even from the first lesson. He was always punctual and reliable, friendly, and was very patient with me when I made simple mistakes, for which I was very grateful. I looked forward to my lessons with him and he built my confidence up bit by bit, by even just complementing me on safely emerging from a junction or for doing a reversing manoeuvre correctly. I was very nervous before my test and wanted to cancel it, but Usman persuaded me otherwise and I'm glad I didn't as I passed first time with 6 minors. I would strongly recommend Usman to anyone wanting to learn to drive as he is a fantastic instructor. Also, the welcome pack and the system of both pupil and instructor signing off each pre-booked lesson after it had finished was really professional, and helped me keep track of my progress. Thank you! (Instructor Usman Araf)

Jake Lester


Wanted to say a huge thank you to Adrian for helping me pass my driving test on my birthday! Brilliant instructor! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Jake Calow


I had a very good instructor that never gave up and encouraged me to do better, I will recommend it to every friend who is thinking of learning to drive, I am glad that I chose you, very happy. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Isatu Dibba


Thank you very much I am very pleased with my instructor. He is very skilled and is very good at his job. He explains properly, shows and explains any mistakes. He enjoys his work and this is the main point. I've been happy to learn from him. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Irina Januska


I had such a great experience learning with Ian. As I had no previous driving experience, I was quite nervous to begin with, but Ian boosted my confidence from the very first lesson and made me feel at ease. Always on the lookout for new teaching techniques, he found new strategies to help tackle the manoeuvres I was struggling with. Ian created a fun and relaxed environment and I felt that my driving was advancing with every lesson. He was always encouraging and never showed frustration when I got things wrong. Would highly recommend. (Instructor Ian Roberts)

Charlotte Britton


I Had Kevin Hopps. Couldn't have been happier - down to earth, patient and a great guy! Thanks to him and his method I passed 1st time here in Nottingham! Recommend him to anyone who asks. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Miran Faily


Had automatic lessons with a fantastic lady instructor Susan Tibbitts. She was patient and made me feel at ease..as a result I passed my driving test first time with only 3 minors!!! Can not recommend her highly enough she was amazing!!! (Instructor Susan Tibbitts)

Joanne Woodward


Passed my driving test with only 2 minors today thanks to Adrian, he's a brilliant instructor and I would/will recommend him to anyone! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Rebecca Rollings


I felt very supported by my driving instructor Kevin (Kev). He continued to support me each step of the way. He has been a very good instructor. He is very easy to relate to and speak. His method of teaching was very good and it made my driving lessons worth it. I would highly recommend him as an instructor. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Mavellous Saungweme


drivinglesson.com is a great affordable easy to use site for booking your driving lessons! Adiel was a fantastic driving instructor who had great attention to detail while teaching and filled me with confidence and passion to be a great and safe driver. (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Thomas Stone


Thank you Liam (Page) for getting me through my driving test. You've always been encouraging and professional. Excellent instruction and highly recommended. (Instructor Liam Page)

Nathan Mills


Recently passed with Kevin Hopps. He was very helpful, provided good feedback and his relaxed attitude made me feel comfortable from lesson 1. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Russell Hudson


I have had Shibu for a year, he has been amazing.. Never ever let me down, explained everything so well and always managed to fit me in with my awkward hours at work... He built up my confidence so well I highly highly recommend! I never thought I could do it but Shibu was always so positive with me and helped me so much! I wouldn't of passed without him!! Thank you so much ??!!!!! (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Danielle Maher


I had put driving lessons on hold for a few years after some bad experiences with other driving schools. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor and I definitely would not have passed without his help. His support and guidance was unparalleled; working all hours to help me pass as soon as possible. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. I learnt so much with a lot of laughter and great conversation. I felt relaxed enough to make all the mistakes I needed to get it right. Would recommend highly to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. Thank you Liam!! (Instructor Liam Page)

Sarah Hill


I had my driving lessons with Pete Williams and I've passed the practical driving test from the first time. I would highly recommend HIM. He did such a great job in a matter of 3 weeks time. Thank you once again Pete !!! Your the best instructor ever !!! (Instructor Pete Williams)

Desislava Peeva


Wonderful experience. I started my driving lessons knowing nothing about driving, to end being good at it. My driving instructor, Shibu, was/is a very good teacher. Very very good! Thanks. (Instructor Shibu Ramakrizhnal)

Oyin Yusuff


My instructor Tariq was fantastic. He is very professional but also very personable. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him on my lessons. He knew where my driving weaknesses were and we worked on them until I felt confident. I had 20 hours with Tariq and passed my test the first time. Thanks Tariq! I couldn't have done it without you. James Barlie (Instructor Tariq Mahmood)

James Barlie


Before I started with drivinglesson.com my confidence was really low and I struggled a lot with making the correct judgment calls, my driving instructor Adiel helped me with easing my confidence and my awareness and helped me move forward to be able to make correct judgment calls. I would highly recommend drivinglesson.com they helped me pass my test in good time. (Instructor Adiel Khan)

Declan Cronin


My instructor Rob Krawczuk emphasised driving safely and wisely, rather than just tips and tricks to pass the exam. I can say the lessons have served me well.

Mitra Thomas


I recently passed my test thanks to a great instructor.

James Royce


I would like to say a big thank you to Adrian. A very good teacher, with the patience of a saint. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Dan Menna


My driving instructor was so helpful and patient, he explained everything to me and if I was unsure then he would show me and go through it until I did understand. I would recommend him to teach you to drive. I was so pleased that I passed and that was down to him teaching me in a calm but professional manner. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Caroline Dwyer


I passed first time with my instructor Adrian! I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Adrian was an absolute gentleman and had the perfect mix of being a friendly guy and a proper instructor he pushed me on every driving lesson. Adrian was so positive and encouraging which helped me build my confidence. He always made me feel comfortable and was very supportive and helped me control my nerves, he was very friendly and always up for a chat about anything. I would highly recommend Adrian to anybody around the Leicester area. Thank you so much for all your time and effort I couldn't have done it without you! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Michael Martin


Came across this website when searching for a new driving instructor as had previously tried with someone else and didnít seem to be getting anywhere. I sent a message on the chat option on the website to see if they took anyone in my area and they got me in contact with David. David has been absolutely brilliant throughout all the lessons and tests I went through, I really couldnít have asked for a better instructor. Would highly recommend him to anybody who wants to learn to drive. Thank you David. Thank you driving lessons.com (Instructor David Allwood)

Emma Slade


Hi, my name is Sam Lane and I passed my driving test the other day, I'd just like to say a big thanks to Adrian my instructor, he was very encouraging and supportive, couldn't of done it without him and I appreciate all of his help along the way!

Sam Lane


I was very pleased when I passed my driving test and couldn't thank my instructor enough for all his time and effort he put into teaching me how to drive!

Georgina Kaeppner-Smith


He helped me a lot and was very good at guiding me through the tough bits of driving. I learnt a great deal and I am now a very confident driver thanks to him. Good price on the lessons and always got a suitable time slot for me. Thank you for helping me pass :)

Jess Deacon


I passed my driving test yesterday, first time with only four minors, after driving for six months. My instructor Ahmed Loonat made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I wouldn't have been able to pass without his patience and kindness. I recommend Ahmed, as he is fantastic, and we had such a laugh; he is a friend as well as an instructor. Thank you so much again Ahmed for helping me achieve this milestone. All the best for the future. (Instructor Ahmed Loonat)

Asha King


Thank you very much, drivinglesson.com is a fab company and I'm glad I passed with you. I'd been with other companies before and you're the best. Tahir is a very patient man and I'm going to miss learning to drive with him! (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Hayley Lewiss


I had great lessons from my instructor a lot of experience and expertise! Would recommend to anyone! Thank you Adrian (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Harry Garner


I am very pleased that I have passed my test with driving lesson.com 1st time with just 3 minors. My instructor ANDY PRICE has been exceptionally helpful and brilliant thoughtout my journey from learning till pass. I recommend each and every individual to use this company as people do think cheap is not good but that's wrong and I have proved it! This company is very well priced and full of great instructors. Thanks for your help ANDY AND DRIVINGLESSON.COM Regards Gurpreet (Instructor Andrew Price)

Gurpreet Kaur


Kevin Hopps was a great, easy-going and patient instructor. Lessons were always enjoyable, constructive and I looked forward to every one! I wasn't always confident, but Kev took his time to cover the aspects of driving I struggled with, putting appropriate faith in my ability, he was never controlling. I am going to miss his lessons for now but hope to return for motorway lessons with him at some stage! Thanks Kev! (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Graham Smith


My instructor was Carol Blyth and I had my lessons in Loughborough. I found this website as I needed to change instructors from a previous company. I commenced driving lessons with Carol in November and found an exponential improvement in my driving thanks to her calm yet constructive attitude to teaching and found that I was looking forward to my lessons every week. She was patient, gave clear explanations and listened to what I needed from my driving lessons, and with her help lead me to passing my practical driving test first time with 4 minors. I would recommend her to anyone, whether you are a first time driver or have had some experience and are looking to change instructors. Thank you so much! (Instructor Carol Blyth)

Georgia Milner


My driving instructor was very good, friendly and an excellent guidance, I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for your help and getting me to pass my test. (Instructor Pete Williams)

George Trussell


Really enjoyed my lessons with Mark, was such a good teacher (instructor Mark Percival)

George Hunter-Spokes


Adrian is a fantastic driving instructor. He is friendly, calm, explains things clearly and really built my confidence. I never thought I'd pass my test, but thanks to Adrian I did. I can't recommend him highly enough. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Francesca White


I recently passed my test due to the brilliant instruction of Kevin Hoops. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive. It's well priced and the instruction is very good. Thank you for your help, Kev! (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Evie Prest


I highly recommend Adrian. He has shown patience and taught me and my partner from the very start and we both passed first time. Thank you so much! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Emma Snow


My driving instructor Liam gave me the confidence to pass my test! He was very friendly and always supportive in my driving ability. He way he tought manoovers was very simple and easy to understand! I would highly recommend! (Instructor Liam Page)

Ellie Courtney


I am so happy to have passed my driving test. Michael Haughton was my driving instructor and I cannot thank him enough for all the hard work, time and effort he put into my lessons. I am very grateful to have passed and would not have done it without him. Michael was very efficient and patient with my driving lessons and taught me how to build my confidence up which was my biggest downfall. I now feel very comfortable and confident driving on the roads. Thank you to drivinglesson.com and Michael for helping me pass my test first time. (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Ella Senior


May I 1st of all thank my instructor TAHIR! Would 100% recommend to anyone. Thanks again for having so much patience. He is a remarkable guy who teaches to a high standard. Thanks again TAHIR. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Edward Davis


I passed my test first time using this driving school and I just want to say a massive thank you to my instructor Kevin Hopps. After having a bad experience with driving, Kev was able to rebuild my confidence and make me believe I could drive again. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher, Kev was calm, friendly, supportive and made lessons enjoyable. I never had any problem booking in lessons and Kev was always flexible and reliable which was great as I work full time. Thanks again Kev! :) (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Sarah Hutchins


I passed first time with my instructor Adrian! He was brilliant! Couldn't ask for a better instructor. He attended to all my areas of development, and encouraged me in areas I wasn't too confident in. Adrian was extremely patient with me, but didn't stop until I got it right and was comfortable. That is a quality all learners need in an instructor. With Adrian there is never a lesson gone to waste. I always left each lesson feeling that little bit more confident and prepared for my big day! Thanks again Adrian!!!! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Demi Abbott


I passed my driving test 28th September with the best instructor I could have wished for Adrian (Ady)! I couldn't have done it without him!! So very patient and supportive. I would recommend Ady to anybody. Thank you so much for all your time and effort. Thank you from Deana Mcmanus-Pole (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Deana Mcmanus-Pole


Lovely experience with my dedicated instructor Amaar Ahmed. Very happy I chose to take lessons with this company. Finally after 16 years I passed my test! Thankyou to my instructor for being punctual, honest, professional, patient and friendly all the way through. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Davinia Harmer


Amaar was a pleasure to deal with,very friendly and thorough...highly recommended (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

David Whelan


Liam was absolutely brilliant with his lessons, taught everything I needed with a relaxed approach. He was also extremley supportive with the theory and practical test, would definitely recommend to friends and family! (Instructor Liam Page)

David Thrower


Iíve been dealing with Kevin as my instructor for the last 5 months he has been completely honest and upfront with my driving very passionate about his job and has been brilliant If you need a top quality instructor Kevin is your man (instructor Kevin Hopps)

David Morris


Thank you for taking me on at such short notice I've been trying to find someone for time and I passed first time round and a big thank you to Tahir Aslam who helped me pass my test with only three lessons I would recommend Tahir Aslam. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Darren Evans


My driving instructor Adrian was brilliant. Got me through my nerves brilliantly. And was a great motivator to get me going, and through my tests. Would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. Five stars. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Dan Sibson


Thanks for everything really enjoyed being taught by Prabhat, a great instructor! (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)

Dane Mace


My driving instructor was such a good teacher and I passed my test on the first attempt.

Alina Pop


Many thanks to drivinglesson.com, who have supported me through my experience. Thanks especially to the man who stood beside me, backing me up, my driving instructor and friend, Adrian Heathcote. Cheers Cornel Dralea. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Cornel Dralea


Passed my test today thanks to Kevin. I Would recommend him to any new learners wanting to drive, he teachers incredibly well and has a lot of patience. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Connor Kilner


Very professional, yet very friendly and patient. Always ready to answer any query I had. (Instructor Liam Page)

Clovis Prates


Adrian was a great instructor. He was always positive and patient and his way of teaching is very effective. Would definitely recommend him. (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Cian Brown


My driving instructor was Liam Page and I couldn't have passed without him. He was extremely supportive, patient and is an overall fantastic teacher. He organises the lessons around the rate at which you learn and that you are comfortable with (which is pivotal with driving lessons). Liam is a huge asset to DrivingLesson.com (Instructor Liam Page)

Chris Doel


My instructor was amazing! He helped me from the very beginning and helped me pass my test 1st time! I would/will recommend him to anybody learning to drive in the future. Thank you for everything!

Chloe Durant


I learnt in Leicester and my instructor was Prabhat Chauhan. He was very patient with me, I was a nervous driver at first and have had previous intructors but he was by far the best! If I was ever struggling on something when the hour was up he would keep the lesson going until I felt happy with it! He is completely dedicated. Would recommend him to anyone! (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)

Charlotte Kotecha


My driving instructor Liam Page was brilliant. He made me feel at ease with my driving and was always encouraging! He was a great help and supported me, would highly recommend! So pleased I have now passed. (Instructor Liam Page)

Chantaya Ameyaw


Passed first time with Mick Sheppard excellent instructor knew what I needed after first lesson didn't waste my money or both of our time got me driving the right way would definitely recommend him to anybody. (Instructor Michael Shepherd)

Carl Allison


Liam was a fantastic instructor and helped me so much to secure my pass! I'm so happy and want to thank him for his patience, I really couldn't have done it with out him! 10 out of 10 for driving instructors and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to learn to be a safe driver! (Instructor Liam Page)

Cameta Cummings


Tahir was a superb and an extremely knowledgeable instructor who put me at ease and motivated me throughout my lessons. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Callum Thompson


Thanks so much to Liam Page for helping me all the way through my driving lessons and test!! Fantastic, calm and encouraging instructor with the patience of a saint. Thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with him thanks again for being the best!! Would recommend Liam to anyone wanting to start driving 10 out of 10!!! (Instructor Liam Page)

Brogan Carmichael


A year ago I finally decided to take the plunge and learn how to drive. It was something I always wanted to do but lacked so much confidence. My instructor made learning to drive so very easy and stress free. I was reassured constantly which really boosted my confidence greatly allowing me to pass first time, yes first time and with only 2 minors. I cannot thank Adrian enough for his constant reassurance and never ending faith in my ability.

Bridgette Collins


I was over the moon to find out that I passed. Want to say thank you Prab Chauhan for all the encouragement you gave me and believing in me that I could do it. Much appreciated, Would recommend to anybody. (Instructor - Prabhat Chauhan)

Bradley Ryan


My driving instructor was really good with me, he told me exactly what I needed to change on my driving and he become a good friend and I will recommend my old friends as well (Instructor Ameen Nawab)

Ravishankar Patel


Passed my test first time today. Carol has been a fantastic instructor: very patient, reliable, thorough, and friendly. I couldn't have asked for more. (Instructor Carol Blyth)

Annie Jepson


After first lesson: Had my first lesson with Rachel, felt really at ease with her and we even had a laugh! Made loads of progress in 3 hours, and already smashed reverse bay parks! After passing: I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Rachel and the team at drivinglesson.com for getting me through my manual upgrade test after only 2 months. My confidence has skyrocketed since learning with Rachel and she is a patient, friendly and very professional instructor. I recommend her to everyone in the Mansfield and Bolsover Areas! Thanks again. (Instructor Rachel Garlick)

Anne-Louise Winson


A big thank you to my driving instructor Kevin Hopps! He was brilliant, very patient and really helped build my confidence with driving. Would definitely recommend him and the driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive :) (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Angel Adey


Thanks a lot for teaching me how to drive and getting me through my test. Great driving instuctor, couldn't thank you enough.

Andrew Hill


You were very patient and understanding. You made me feel confident driving the car. I felt very comfortable around you. (Instructor Prabhat Chauhan)

Andreas Coleman


Pete is an absolutely amazing instructor! I would completely recommend to anyone. Always makes you feel at ease no matter what the situation and a great teacher with bags of patience! Moved from a different company as did not feel confident with them and it was the best move I could of made! So glad I found your number!!! Thank you!!!!!!! (Instructor Pete Williams)

Andrea ODwyer


Absolutely fantastic service provided throughout my course of learning. My instructor was Shibu Ramakrishnan. I was terrified after previous bad experience with another driving instructor... but he took time and patience to help me conquer any worry I had. As a result I passed my test on my 1st attempt! I can't thank him enough! Would definitely recommend Shibu to anyone wanting to learn. (Instructor Shibu Ramakrizhnal)

Amy Harvey


Liam is a wonderful teacher ,he always kept me relaxed. He taught me how to be a safe driver and because of him I passed first time. He is very good at finding out what your weaknesses are and improving on them. You can also have a good chat with him and he is one of those few instructors that are fair and communicate well with you,which is crucial. (Instructor Liam Page)

Amos Ghista


I passed my test in first time. My instructor Amaar Ahmed was very good in very few lesson he explained me everything and made me very confident driver. I'm very happy that I passed my test and greatly thankful. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)



I dropped my details at drivinglesson.com and within hours I got contacted by Kev Hopps who ended up being my instructor. And he was brilliant! Very good at assessing my skill level, finding out what needed improving and working on it till I was comfortable. I never felt like he was in it for the money, he wants you to be a good driver and he wants you to pass. He was good at quizzing me during my lessons on speed limits, what signs meant and building up confidence (especially when it came to roundabouts!) When it came to the test he made sure that I was calm during the lesson before and even it the waiting room we we're talking about bands we'd seen! I felt calm going in and helped me pass on the day. I can't recommend drivinglesson.com or Kev enough, I had an amazing experience with them both. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Allan Marr


Big thank you to drivinglesson.com especially to Mr Tahir Aslam he pointed all my mistakes out after learning with a friend. We both worked hard to achieve a PASS after only 5 lessons. I would recommend to all new drivers no matter how you drive you will succeed at the end with a friendly atmosphere. (Instructor Tahir Aslam)

Alex Nowak


Kev is a fantastic instructor excellent to work with and good at what he does, would recommend to anyone. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Alex McGovern


I am very pleased to have passed my driving test first time and couldn't have done it without brilliant tuition. Many thanks to my infinitely patient instructor.

Alexander Cockburn


Very helpful and nice instructors. (Instructor Robert Krawczuk)

Ahmad Yar Sikandari


A big thank you to Shibu for helping me pass my test, made sure I was okay with everything before moving on to the next part of driving, couldn't of passed without his help. Thank you so much and would definitely recommend him as an instructor! (Instructor Shibu Ramakrishnan)

Adam Brearley


Thank you very much to Adrian who is a fantastic driving instructor. I felt very at ease with him and he helped me build my confidence up as the lessons went on. Thanks for all your help and patience for when I made mistakes. I would always recommend Adrian to anyone :)

Abigail Shilcock


Excellent and friendly people, response is very fast and is not hard to get in touch with them if any issues as they are solved instantly. My instructor worked with me to my needs and got me through my test (Instructor Parminder Sehmbi)

Richard George


My driving instructor was Libby John and she is brilliant. I suffer with nerves really bad she made me feel relaxed and calm. I don't think I would of done it with any other instructor. Brilliant. Thank you

Jordan Elliott


First time pass Very good service and friendly instructors, would recommend anyone to use this company to learn to drive.

Dwain Channer


Great service, relaxed atmosphere, really happy with overall experience. Passed quickly with no issues (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

James Luscombe


Brilliant service definitely recommend 5 star all the way thanks drivinglesson.com

Donna OConnor


I had lessons with Nadeem and very glad to have instructor like him. He had not only helped me to pass the test but also took my driving to a very high standard. Now, I have confidence to drive at any street/city. I would recommend Nadeem for driving lessons as there are very high chances to pass the test in first attempt (under his guidance). Thank you, Vikas. (Instructor Nadeem Iqbal)

Vikas Vyas


My driving instructor Pete was amazing and I passed first time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Luccia Swift


First class service! I booked 10 hours before my test with Amaar Ahmed, he was very calm and professional. He helped me brush up on a few things that I needed and I passed with 1 minor which I was really pleased about.

Steven Morrell


My driving instructor Nadeem was fantastic to work with, he made everything very straight forward and easy. He was patient and explained everything clearly. He's a great teacher. (Instructor Nadeem Iqbal)

Dan Olds


I started taking lessons with this company After I failed my first attempt, I can say that Amaar is one of the best ever instructors anyone can have. I am so lucky I found out about him and glad that I took lessons, he makes you feel so comfortable about yourself and your driving and he's someone that you can talk about anything to and someone who always smiles and makes others smile. The way he taught me how to drive was the best, his tactics are he best I have learnt. He's very skilful in the way he teaches you and I would recommend him to anyone I know, I will never forget the way he taught me which is being a safe driver and I can't thank him enough for helping me pass my driving test (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Gordon Ali


My driving instructor was very patient and explained things well. Very pleased I passed first time would definitely recommend. Thank you!

Lauren Wallace


A big thank you to Peter. I couldn't of done this without you! Would definitely recommend. Once again a BIG thank you. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Elizabeth Jones


Absolutely fantastic!!! Steve is the best instructor I have ever had! He had so much patience in me and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself! He really helped me to build my confidence up on the roads and made the lessons not only very informative but lots of fun as well!! Thank you so much Steve I am truly thankful for everything you did to help me!!!

Lauren Simpson


Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, patient and informative and I feel a safe driver because of him. Lessons were always varied and I learnt a lot! Affordable too. Highly recommend.

Alison James-Moore


Great company with excellent results. The driving instructor I had was friendly and easy to talk to. I had no previous driving experience and so was taken from being a complete novice at driving to having the skills to be able to drive independently. The price of lessons were very reasonable and the log book tracker enabled me to see how much money I'd spent on lessons and how many hours of driving I had under my belt. I would recommend this company to any friend looking for driving lessons. (Instructor Mark Percival)

Elliott Morrell


Brilliant instructor, he showed me everything I needed to know to pass my test. Thank u Amaar Ahmed.

David Simon King


I started with no driving experience at all but he soon got me up to speed (literally) he was very patient and laid back and I felt like he trusted me instead of intervening at small things yet I knew he would be there to help if I needed it, he's a really nice bloke when you spend time in the car with him and always holds a conversation with you. He was very flexible around lesson times as I'm a student who also has a part time job.

James Mallet


Brilliant instructor, very calm which made me feel at ease at the wheel (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Edward Doherty


Expert instruction! My daughter was scared to drive a car, but with Andyís patient, caring and expert instruction, she passed her test first time. She now loves driving and has been out onto the roads by herself several times. We will be contacting Andy to set up Pass plus soon. Canít recommend him enough.

Hannah Collinge


After trying to pass my driving test 6 times I decided to try one more time with Kev and I passed on the 20th December. His calm and patient nature is what gave me the confidence in my driving to know I could pass my test. I would recommend him highly and will miss our regular catch ups!

Jess Shawyer


My instructor Libby has been the most amazing instructor! After 8 years of trying to find the right instructor to help with my anxiety, Libby has been so patient and understand I finally felt confident enough to learn to drive. And thanks to her I passed first time! Can't recommend her enough and amazing price too. (Instructor Libby John)

Jordan Paige Walker


After going through countless instructors, I finally met Libby John and thank goodness I did! She gave me the confidence to drive again and pushed me to succeed. Passed September with 1 driver fault, 100% recommend Libby, thank you so much!

Catrin Moss


Passed my test today with Kevin at drivinglesson.com cannot thank him enough he's such a brilliant instructor so laid back but firm, understanding and patient at the same time. He couldn't have made me any more comfortable whilst driving. I cannot recommend him enough. Amazing instructor! Kev at drivinglesson.com! Brilliant. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)



When I was younger I'd had some driving lessons with a couple of different schools in Nottingham. I'd been let down by instructors who cancelled last minute or only planned lessons once every few weeks, so I eventually gave up on learning to drive. In March this year I found drivinglessons.com who teamed me up with Instructor Kevin Hopps, and I am so grateful for that! Kev is really encouraging, confident and cares a lot about the job, we also had a right laugh on our lessons which made learning a really enjoyable experience. Our weekly lessons were always scheduled and once my test date got near, Kev was flexible and made time for extra lessons in the weekday evenings since I work full-time. Thanks to Kev I was able to pass my test first time after 4 months of lessons! Really pleased and I hope to be back for some motorway tutoring! Rock on Kev! :) (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Natalie Scott


I have just passed my driving test first time over the weekend and I would never have been able to do it without Kevin Hopps! He is such a calm and understanding instructor which is exactly what I needed after having 2 bad experiences with previous driving companies. I was able to boost my confidence within a number of lessons which had a significant impact on my driving. He knows exactly what heís doing without being overbearing or controlling, which is the best way to learn. Heís a genuine person and instructor and I will not only be going back to him for motorway lessons but I will certainly be recommending everyone I know. Thank you again Kev! (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Ebby Adereti


I would like to say the biggest thank you to Kev for his help and support over my time learning to drive, I honestly couldn't have done it without him. He was constantly supportive going above and beyond to help me and make sure my experience of learning to drive was a good one. If anyone is looking for an instructor I would more than recommend Kev! (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Kira Moore


After having two previous driving instructors, I began lessons with Prab. His patience and thoroughness in teaching me how to drive was incomparable to my previous instructors. He built my confidence behind the wheel and constantly reassured me that my mistakes didnít matter as long as I was learning from them. Prab went above and beyond by providing me with written instructions on driving routines and manoeuvres which I could go through in my own time out of lessons, this added a further level of confidence which was extremely helpful especially before my test. I canít thank you enough Prab! Not only were you an amazing instructor, but also an all round nice person who always added positivity to my day. Sorry I took so long to send this through. Thank you once again

Anna Dada


Raja was an excellent driving instructor. He explained everything very clearly and was very patient and helpful. I am very happy with the quality of teaching he administered and would definitely recommend this service to friends. I am very appreciative of the time and effort he went extra to help me pass. Thank you. (Instructor Raja Imran)

Josh Fongalland


A fantastic service from my instructor from beginning to end. More than ready and well prepared for my test. Will highly recommend. Thank you Kenny (Instructor David Webster)

Kenny Tindall


Loved learning to drive with Micheal Haughton, it was a pleasure. He is a fantastic teacher!!! (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Matthew Snellgrove


Many thanks to Adrian for getting me through and passing. He is very calm, skilled and is very best at his job. He explains properly, shows and explains any mistakes. Happy that he was my instructor! Rajeev (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Rajeev Kumar


Thanks to drivinglesson.com and especially my instructor Usman, who worked hard with me to his utmost best. There were days when he went above the mile by giving me additional time so that I can understand the concept properly. I loved how he taught me manoeuvres, it was spot on and I learned them to perfection. In the final lessons I had mock tests where he put me in real test environment, which made me prepare for the big day. I don't think I could find a better instructor than him. Passing a driving test on first attempt with only 2 minors, shows how experienced and what an amazing teacher he is. Thanks again. Regards, Usaid. (Instructor Usman Araf)

Usaid Anis


Big thanks to drivinglesson.com for getting me through and passing - had some laughs with my instructor and learnt a lot! Definitely recommend him!

Sophie Abell


Excellent teacher,would recommend him to anyone. Very patient and comfortable to drive with. (Instructor David Webster)

Matt Heming


My driving instructor was Michael Haughton, best instructor that you could ever have. He will help you all the way till the end and will talk to you very nicely. I would recommend Michael to every single person who would use this service! Thank you Michael for your best skills and support. (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Umair Malik


Thanks to Kevin from Drivinglesson.com driving school, I have passed my driving test for a manual car. I was struggling to pass for some time, especially due to my working hours but once I started with this school, Kevin always made space for me in his diary to fit lessons into my hectic schedule. Kevin is a really great instructor, he is quite experienced and has a very learner friendly car. He makes driving look and feel simpler, his lessons are relaxed, and he is always encouraging us to better ourselves in every aspect of our driving to make us safer drivers. For instance, despite passing my practical test, on the way back, he would be showing me what I could have done even better when I am out on the road on my own. He generally cares. I highly recommend drivinglesson.com and Kevin if you are looking for a driving instructor who knows their stuff, and that too at an affordable price. (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Sadie Malla


I had a really difficult time finding an automatic instructor covering my area, initially I had enquired and none were available at the time but a couple of months later (once I had given up) I received a voicemail saying that one had become available if I'm still interested. I found the service very professional and my instructor Tahir was excellent very professional and attentive to every detail. I passed first time and am very happy!! (instructor Tahir Aslam)

Rama Saffaf


I am very pleased to have passed my driving test yesterday, my instructor Ahmed Loonat was very patient and helpful throughout my lessons. When I first started my driving lessons I was very nervous and a little scared but as my lessons went on my instructor turned those nerves into joy. He taught me at my own pace and always made me feel comfortable. He helped build my confidence behind the wheel and I now find driving fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend my instructor Ahmed Loonat. (Instructor Ahmed Loonat)

Kamiya Chirodian


Really happy with Seth he was a brilliant instructor will definitely recommend you and Seth to people I know thanks again.

Alan Ebbage


I want to thank drivinglesson.com and I want to thank Steve for the great lessons he taught me. All the best, thank you so much. (Instructor Steven Caulfield)

Azad Rashid


The instructor, Amaar Ahmed, is a fantastic instructor, very clear on what he's talking about and very productive and organised. The lessons I've had have been exceptional, he is a very good teacher, so I like to give out a big thank you for his time and wish him all the best and your company in the future, thank you for your time. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Veola Isaak Pennington


The best instructor a student can ask for. My experience has been amazing. (Instructor Andrew Price)

Michael Kariuki


I took my driving lessons with Andy Gordon. Simply, he is an excellent driving instructor. He is very organized, absolutely decent with time, he will always be exactly on-time even in the worst weather conditions. I learned a lot of driving tips. The good thing about him, which reflects how honest and decent he is, is that he is teaching driving-quality, not only to pass the exam successfully, he is keen to graduate a safe experienced driver, always. He is nice, friendly and tough enough on his students so that during the practical exam, you realize that the exam is easier than a driving lesson, and that is the way a good instructor should be. Not only that, but the weaknesses that he stresses us to improve on, proved to be the faults that we may get in the exam. Andy .. is absolutely highly recommended instructor (Instructor Andy Gordon)

Ammar Kadhim


I had an international licence; but I must say lessons with Pete made me a better driver. (Instructor Pete Williams)

Rohit Pradhan


Usman was a fantastic instructor and really made the whole experience great. I would heartily recommend him and this school. (Instructor Usman Aqif)

Ollie Hunt-Blow


Usman was a great teacher and managed to get me out of all bad habits! He polished my driving to test standard with ease! Thank you so much! (Instructor Usman Aqif)

Karis Stephen-Wooding


I canít praise Michael Haughton enough, absolutely fantastic instructor. Passed 1st time and that was largely down to the teaching method of Michael. (Instructor Michael Haughton)

Gabriella Martinazzoli


Would like to say a massive thank you to my driving instructor Liam! Liam helped build my confidence with driving a manual car and helped pass my test first time around with just a few lessons. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor, would highly recommend him and drivinglesson.com with future friends and family. Thank you so much Liam :-) (Instructor Liam Page)

Stacy Nolan


I had a great instructor called Ian Roberts he was easy to get along with I fully recommend him! (instructor Ian Roberts)

Toni Sweet


Kevin Hopps was very helpful and with 9 lessons I passed with only 5 minors. Thanks you Kevin.

Lydia Eneh


Passed my test today thanks to my brilliant instructor Bruce Harrison. Couldn't have done it without him, great man from a great company. (Instructor Bruce Harrison)

Mark Howsin


Very good instructor and passed in a week very impressed! (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

James Macey


This is the best driving school! At first I was very nervous but Amaar assured me this was normal. In a week I could see a definitive improvement in my driving due to Amaar and passed my driving test with flying colours. Would highly recommend Amaar as an instructor he made driving very easy. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Khuram Javid


Amaar was my instructor. he is very calm with a good experience. He teaches everything you should know about driving and to pass your test. He is a very patient instructor so you always feel comfortable while driving. He never counts your mistakes and he always gives positive feedbacks. Best driving instructor ever. I passed with him with just one driving fault. Highly recommend him. Thank you so much (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Tareefa Ahmed


I passed today with four minors, I've had two previous instructors from different companies and lost all my confidence and motivation, Ahmed gave me constant praise and boosted my confidence from the very first lesson. Today I couldn't thank him enough for his understanding, calmness and patience. EXCELLENT instructor, highly recommend. His advice during the lessons will stay with me and keep me being safe in the future. Competent and relaxed whilst teaching me to drive and preparing me for my test. Thank you so so so much Ahmed best driving instructor ever. (Instructor Ahmed Loonat)

Natasha Chaplain


Excellent instructor, very calm and i felt relaxed at all times. He showed me everything I needed to know in order to pass my test. He is a very professional instructor who pays a lot of attention to detail. Thank you (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Rondak Nabi


I passed first time and it's all thanks to Steve beach and drivinglesson.com. Thanks and can I just say please give them a go because they're great (Instructor Stephen Beech)

Neil Harris


Very good driving instructor, very calm and helpfull. Will recommend him to friends! (Instructor Adrian Heathcote)

Elsa Collier


Exceptional driving instructor. I listened to everything he told me especially to take my time and not rush things. I would recommend him for his teaching method and positive attitude when teaching. He was great at briefing on your mistakes so you don't repeat them. Ten out of ten, for him, from me. (Instructor Amaar Ahmed)

Teddy Tabe


I passed 1st time thanks to my fabulous instructor. He explained clearly and worked on my weak points. Really pleased with my tutor and the level of knowledge. The prices are good too. (Instructor Robert Krawczuk)

Lisa Tunnicliffe


I would like to say thank you for all your patience and time spent on me over the last few months. I've not been easy, but I passed. Deffo recommend you to everyone, has the patience of a saint thank you, Rachael Phillips. (Instructor Andrew Price)

Rachael Phillips


Wanted to say a huge thank you to drivinglesson.com for helping me pass my driving test on my birthday! Brilliant instructor!

Jake Calow


Brilliant driving school! Kevin Hopps is a great instructor, very easy-going and patient, really helped to build my confidence up. Great prices too! Will be recommending to people I know. :) (Instructor Kevin Hopps)

Martha Hunter


Great learning company to go with, the instructor providing was brilliant. (Instructor Tim Burgess)

Joshua Browne