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Useful information about driving lessons

We've summarised some of the frequently asked questions about driving lessons below. Much of this information is taken from the UK Government DVLA website new window icon. The content below may therefore be out of date so please ensure you double check with the official DVLA website if required.


What types of driving licence are there?



You need a provisional licence to have driving lessons. A provisional licence means you can drive a car so long as you have another person in the front passenger seat who holds a valid full driving licence.



When you have passed your practical and theory driving tests you can legally drive a car on your own.


Red L plates, Green P plates, Green L plates?

Red L plates must be displayed when you are learning to drive under a provisional licence and must be placed at the front and rear of the car


Green P plates/Green L plates are for people who have recently passed their test but are new and inexperienced. They are not a legal requirement as yet in the UK but do though help other road users see that you are not experienced.



When can you apply for a Provisional Licence?


You must be at least 16 years and 9 months old to apply but cannot start lessons until you are 17


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What other information do I need to know?


See the DVLA website for full info. Requirements include that you must be a UK resident, be able to pay by credit or debit card, meet the minimum eyesight requirements, provide 3 years worth of addresses.