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Driving Lesson Blackpool

Special offer

We are proud to present you with the best discounted hourly prices. To top it off, we have an amazing offer available for beginners.


Theory test pro - the best way to practice your theory.

Theory test pro is an online simulation with real DVLA test questions that will actually be on your theory test. We highly recommend Theory Test Pro to all our students who are practising.


It involves the two different parts of your theory test Hazard perception and multiple choice. It shows you all the topics and how well you are mastering them, by looking at this you can determine the factors you need to be focusing on.


Block bookings

Our block bookings allow you to pay in advance without the hassle of having to remember the cash every lesson or having to pay per hour. This way you can save money, time and just enjoy your driving lessons.


All of our trained and professional driving instructors accept the block booking that we offer, so you can rest assure that you’re getting the best deals. Our fabulous offers stay the same no matter where in the UK you are or which instructor, you’re with.