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Driving Lesson Bradford

Bradford is a large part of West Yorkshire which in 2001 has a population of 1.5 million and it is the largest Urban Area in the UK. Bradford is famous for many things such as the grandest Waterstone’s store in the UK, National Media Museum, The Alhambra Theatre and the beautiful City Park.  

There are many stars that came from Bradford including former 1Direction star Zayn Malik! So why not take your lessons in the lovely area of Bradford.

First time drivers 

It is completely up to you when you wish to buy your first car. Some wait till after they’ve passed their test, some people get one before they start their lessons. Either way it may be best to get an inexpensive car for your first car as it will be more affordable if you damage it in any way. There’s not much point splashing out on a fancy car as a first-time buyer. However, you do want the car to suit a certain criteria. When looking for your first car, you should look for the following features:  

  • Cheap to run 

  • Not too powerful 

  • Easy to manoeuvre 

  • Packed with safety kit 

  • Has a low insurance rating 

  • Some Insurance companies that can fit in a black box recorder to monitor your driving which helps to reduce your insurance 

  • Look for a car with light steering (easy steering) 

  • Large windows (see clearer)  

All of these cars below suit these criteria, here are the top 10 cars for first time drivers to give you an idea on what sort of cars you may want. 

5. Ford Ka+ 

6. MINI 


Test centres 

There are two different test centres available in the Bradford area and depending on which one is closest to you. It could be in Heaton or Thornbury.  

You will do your lessons around your own area to start with then you will start practicing around the area of your test centre.  Here are the addresses of each test centre in Bradford, to give you an idea on which you would be going to. 

Bradford Test Centre (Heaton) 

15 Farfield Street 
West Yorkshire 
BD9 5AS 

 Bradford Test Centre (Thornbury) 

The Courtyard 
Midpoint, Thornbury 
West Yorkshire 
BD3 7AY 

or call 0800 1075724 (lines open 24/7)