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Driving Lesson Rotherham

Affordable driving lessons in Rotherham
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The odds are that if you’ve come across this page, you’re looking for driving instructors or courses in the Rotherham area. It really can be a tricky task to find the exact company and instructor for you, or to choose between professionals or relatives. It just so happens that you’ve stumbled across the best prices and the highest quality you’re going to find. 



There are all sorts of benefits to using to book your lessons with one of our instructors. We carefully select our drivers to give you the best experience that you can buy, but that really isn’t the end to all the benefits you’ll be getting through us. Read on below to find out more… 


The benefits of using an instructor

There are all sorts of benefits to learning with an instructor. It’s definitely tempting to learn with a friend, a relative, or just on your own: you can save a fair chunk of money, after all, and there’s no having to choose between the myriad courses and companies that offer their services. That being said, there are downsides too: your Auntie Marge may have been on the road for years, but the odds are that she’s picked up all sorts of bad driving habits that she’ll pass on to you. There’s also the problem of learning in a ‘normal’ car, i.e., one that hasn’t been specifically set up to learn in. Our cars have a duplicate set of controls that the instructor can use at any time, just in case you’re about to drive right into a wall.


Bulk Discounts

At we try to save money on our operations, so that we can pass it on to you. The way we do this is through our discounts on bulk bookings. If you want, you can book your lessons one-by-one and have just as many as you need. Or alternatively, you can book them all at once- it’s likely that if you’re a complete beginner you’ll need at least 40 anyway and you'll save a whole load of money block booking.

The great thing is that our discounts don’t mean a drop in quality… The money we save through our business model is passed onto you. That means that you can expect top quality service at one of the lowest prices you’ll be able to find. 


What can you expect during a lesson?

The very first things you’ll be doing in a lesson with one of our instructors are simply things to get you comfortable in the driver’s seat. It really is as simple as getting used to the position of your hands on the wheel, and your feet on the pedals. Our professional instructors will make sure that you’re fully comfortable with everything from blind spots to the windscreen wipers before you even start moving. Once you’re on the road, you’ll get used to accelerating, braking, and steering in a comfortable environment like a car park or a quiet residential street before you really get on the road. Once you do get going, it’s all about time and practice so that you’re as confident as you can be before you face your test.

If you’re taking a refresher course with us, we can start with whatever you like. If you feel that any particular aspect of your driving abilities isn’t up to scratch, then we practice, practice and practice some more so that you’re fully comfortable getting back on the road on your own.


Where can you learn to drive in Rotherham? 

Before your practical exam, you’ll have to take the theory test. If you don’t know already, you have to learn about the Highway Code, the meaning of road signs, and take certain tests. When you finally feel that you’re ready to try for your licence, the driving test centre nearest to Rotherham is at the following address:


Mangham Way
Off Mangham Rd
South Yorkshire
S61 4RL


There are also others nearby, so if this one isn’t convenient, simply search on the DFT website where you can find more:


If you like the sound of all that, go on and give us a call. You can expect a phone call back from one of our instructors within just a few hours, and you’ll be ready to go!


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