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Driving Lesson Barnsley

Learn to drive in Barnsley

Learning to drive is one of the most important and exciting things that you can do. It gives you a new kind of freedom and maturity to be safe on the roads and to travel wherever and whenever you want. When learning to drive it is essential that you pick the right place for you.


Sometimes, when learning with family members or poorly trained instructors, you can end up with some bad habits. So why don’t you get it right the first time round, come and learn with us here at


Reasons to learn to drive

There are plenty of reasons to learn to drive. If there wasn’t then we wouldn’t have nearly as many cars on the road as we currently do here in Barnsley.


First and foremost, you gain a great amount of responsibility by learning to drive. Whenever you need to nip out to the shops in Kingstone, or you'd simply like to get out of the house for a few hours and go for a nice country drive, you are now able to do this.


You have no need to panic about public transport or getting caught in the rain, and this can give you a great amount of freedom that you will have never felt before.


Many everyday jobs also require a full valid driving licence; this means it could open doors to new careers. After all, if you need to travel around different locations regularly or last minute then a car is the most fitting choice. Learning to drive in Barnsley can put you on the path towards a new career, for instance taxi driver or even driving instructor could be an option if that’s the path you want to take.


Although driving lessons cost money, driving can also save you a sizeable amount of money in the long run. We often read about the growth train and bus prices in the news, so if you rely on these modes of transport the cost will easily add up. Learning to drive will save you a great amount of money when travelling in Barnsley.


Local driving from one of your local driving instructors 

Learning how to drive for the first time even if it’s in your hometown within Barnsley may seem very complicated. So, selecting one of our local driving instructors will help you gather the knowledge of Barnsley’s roads signage, streets, corners, and shortcuts.  You are able to make a start at driving in familiar areas like your neighbourhood, and then as soon as your skills increasingly grow you will be capable to navigate the town from one corner to the other with effortlessness.


What’s the quickest route to the town centre? What’s the best and fasted route to take during rush hour? Your tremendous instructor will help you find all the answers to all these queries and other connected to the exam specifics, and acquire a lot of valuable tips. You will not just be equipped for the exam day; our excellent driving instructors will train you so that you will have that skill for the rest of your life. 


A bit about Barnsley

Barnsley is a rather large town and located in between Leeds and Sheffield and has a population of around 91,000 people.


Barnsley was traditionally a well know mining town and also known for its glassmaking, although the mining has now been closed down Barnsley pride itself on its industrial heritage. 


Multiple celebrities have been known to live and study in Barnsley, such as Alex Turner from the band “Arctic Monkeys” and Oliver Sykes from the band “Bring me the horizon” both studied at Barnsley college and Barnsley was also home to Shaun Dooley a popular actor from programs such as “Misfits,” “The Woman in Black,” and “The awakening.”


Our low priced driving lessons

Learning to drive in Barnsley can work out to be rather expensive with some driving schools, but lucky for you we have some of the lowest priced driving lessons available. 


Where is my nearest test centre in Barnsley?

When you feel that you are equipped and ready to take the next step towards completing your practical driving test you will want to book it at the Barnsley driving test centre or the next most local centre.


The most local test centres are as follows:



West Road

South Yorkshire
S75 2DH



Mangham Way
Off Mangham Rd
South Yorkshire
S61 4RL


Haven’t applied for your provisional licence yet?

You will need your provisional licence on hand when you take your first lesson, this can be applied for just before you turn seventeen. For more information on how to apply for your provisional licence please see the following link:


If you already have your provisional licence then you are set to go, all you need to do is give us a call on 0800 107 5724 so we can get you booked in with one of our top notch instructors.


Areas we cover in Barnsley



Barugh Green


Blacker Hill


















Monk Bretton





South Hiendley







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