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What Our Students Say About Us

Bhanu Surikutchi

“ I was with another driving school before and was upset with the instructor's teaching methodology. I was loosing confidence at that time. I switched to and I asked for a friendly and experienced instructor. They kindly put me in contact with one and magic happened. I passed the test after 24 hours (12 × 2 hour sessions) with him. ”

Rafal Mazur

“ My instructor that I had for all 21 hours of driving lessons was Usman, he is very professional and careful at what he does. Thank you for being the best instructor. He taught me how to drive confidently and carefully, following the road conduct, the test route and every manoeuvre. Thank you for helping me pass first time with just 5 minors! :)”

Richard George

“ Excellent and friendly people, response is very fast and is not hard to get in touch with them if any issues as they are solved instantly. My instructor Parminder worked with me to my needs and got me through my test.”

Mohammad Khan

“ I have just passed my driving test and I could not be happier but will be very sad to let go of my instructor because he has been the absolute best, making sure that I get everything perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to go with and a better instructor to drive with. We have had many ups and downs in the car from funny moments to upsetting moments from when I failed the first time due to nerves, but he encouraged me to get back up and keep fighting, he believed in me which made me believe in myself and help me excel in my driving. Thank you.”

Joseph Foxon

“ My instructor was brilliant and helped me to pass first time. He was very patient and able to adapt his teaching style to suit my style of learning. Even when you just start your lessons, it feels like you're learning from your mate, as he's very friendly and makes you feel comfortable with everything. ”

Luccia Swift

“ My driving instructor Pete was amazing and I passed first time. Highly recommended. ”

Ella Senior

“ I am so happy to have passed my driving test. I cannot thank my instructor enough for all the hard work, time and effort he put into my lessons. I am very grateful to have passed and would not have done it without him. He was very efficient and patient with my driving lessons and taught me how to build my confidence up which was my biggest downfall. I now feel very comfortable and confident driving on the roads. Thank you to and my instructor for helping me pass my test first time. ”

Asha King

“ I passed my driving test yesterday, first time with only four minors, after driving for six months. My instructor made me feel very comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I wouldn't have been able to pass without his patience and kindness. I recommend him as he is fantastic, and we had such a laugh; he is a friend as well as an instructor. Thank you so much again for helping me achieve this milestone. ”

Donna Oconnor

“ Brilliant service with Chris and would definitely recommend. 5 star all the way, thanks ”

Maya King

“ My driving instructor was an amazing instructor who made me feel confident and comfortable driving and the lessons were also easy to book. ”

Charlotte Britton

“ I had such a great experience learning with I had no previous driving experience and I was quite nervous to begin with, but my instructor boosted my confidence from the very first lesson and made me feel at ease, thank you.”

David Thrower

“ My instructor was absolutely brilliant with his lessons, taught everything I needed with a relaxed approach. He was also extremely supportive with the theory and practical test, would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

Mavellous Saungweme

“ I felt very supported by my driving instructor. He continued to support me each step of the way. He has been a very good instructor. He is very easy to relate to and speak to. His method of teaching was very good and it made my driving lessons worth it. I would highly recommend this driving school.”

George Hunter-Spokes

“ Really enjoyed my lessons with Mark, was such a good teacher.”

Ellie Courtney

“ My driving instructor gave me the confidence to pass my test! He was very friendly and always supportive in my driving ability. The way he taught was very simple and easy to understand! I would highly recommend.”

Olu Sobowale

“ My instructor was Pete and he was really good and very supportive. ”

Chloe Durant

“ My instructor was amazing! He helped me from the very beginning and helped me pass my test 1st time! I would/will recommend him to anybody learning to drive in the future. Thank you for everything! ”

Sarah Priest

“ Mark is a fantastic instructor very patient and gave me the confidence to pass, thank you.”

George Trussell

“ My driving instructor Pete was very good, friendly and an excellent teacher. I would recommend this company to anyone. Thank you for your help and getting me through my test.”

Annie Jepson

“ Passed my test first time today. My fantastic instructor was very patient, reliable, thorough, and friendly. I couldn't have asked for more. ”

Brogan Carmichael

“ Thanks so much to my instructor for helping me all the way through my driving lessons and test!! Fantastic, calm and encouraging instructor with the patience of a saint. Thoroughly enjoyed every lesson with him thanks again for being the best!”

Nathan Mills

“ Thanks to my instructor for getting me through my driving test. You've always been encouraging and professional. Excellent instruction and highly recommended. ”

Evie Prest

“ I recently passed my test due to the brilliant instructor. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone wanting to learn to drive. It's well priced and the instruction is very good. Thank you for your help.”

Tara Simpson

“ Pete was a brilliant instructor. I passed today first time and wouldn't have done it without the help of my instructor, will recommend to all my friends.”

Lauren Howe

“ My driving instructor was an overall amazing teacher. He went along with his lessons at the correct pace so I was able to develop my skills without being overwhelmed. He is a very patient person in nature and it certainly came across in every lesson which was very much appreciated. I would like to give a massive thank you to him as I couldn't have passed without him.”

John Cox

“ Passed my driving test on my second attempt, my instructor was brilliant and I couldn't of done it without him. Would recommend 10/10.”