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Driving Instructor Testimonials

Stuart Nelson Photo

Really good franchise to join from a first-time driving instructor. I've had a good steady flow of pupils when required. Really good support and professional service all round, couldn't be happier.

Stuart Nelson

Ameen Nawab Photo

If you are an acorn dreaming to be a mighty oak, will make it happen. Professional, reliable and dependable staff who go the extra mile to ensure your success.

Ameen Nawab

Mark Percival Photo

I've franchised with other companies before and are the best. The franchise fee is reasonable, and I get new pupils when I want them and I'm able to work the areas I prefer. All in all, a very friendly company to work for.

Mark Percival

Chris Layton Photo

A good value for money, hassle free way to top up my supply of learners with a good back office support from a dedicated and friendly team. Would have no hesitation in recommending a franchise with

Chris Layton

Pete Williams Photo

I had been a driving instructor for a few years and was looking for a no-nonsense franchise that delivered. Along came and eight years later have no regrets. I met with Claire and accepted the company's terms and conditions which have always served me well. Claire is a truly professional person who is firm but fair and will always ensure a constant workload for you (At times too much!). For anyone wishing to advance their career then I would have no hesitation in recommending a progressive company.

Pete Williams

Ibrar Sheikh Photo

My experience with has been second to none. I have always had lots of support from the office and they are always there to sort out any problems that may occur. The work is plentiful and as much as I can handle. I believe that the franchise with is worth every penny. I would highly recommend this school to anyone wishing to work with us.

Ibrar Sheikh